Calgary horticultural society garden show 2019

Calgary horticultural society garden show 2019

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Whether you receive some plants this season as gifts or you purchase them to dress up your abode, now is the time to consider how to extend their life to maximize the pleasure that you get from them. We have chosen a highlight As we peer out the window this time of year, we are grateful for the birds that visit the seed heads of the ornamental grasses that we let stand over the winter. We are so glad that we resisted Canada Blooms creates inspiring and engaging fantasy feature gardens that bring people back to the festival year after year. The Toronto Flower Show at Canada Blooms brings the finest amateur floral designers together for horticultural and design competitions and display.

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Who We Are

The Mock orange from my home garden was transplanted in to the Parkdale Community Garden to what is now called the Mock Orange perennial circle. This bed now includes many hard perennials such as delphineum, Karl Foerster decorative grass, red lilies, tall daylilies, purple sage, sticky cranesbill geranium, persian cornflower, a rose bush, and many ground covers including periwinkle.

Philadelphus Mock orange in the perennial circle is in full bloom by mid-June. You can cut branches for bouquets. It has a sweet scent of orange blossoms. For severely overgrown shrubs, prune all the branches to the ground in the spring. The aromatic leaves and branches are tied into bundles, dried and then used like incense to get rid or odours. This hardy perennial has to be cut back by the last week in June and the foliage can be used as compost. It is similar to borage which is also cut back hard at this time of year.

The fragrance is so pleasant to work around. The first blossom opened on June 22 inThe foliage is easy to recognise in spring by its silver green colour, large thistle-like deep-lobed downy leaves. The large buds weigh down the stems at first. The Royal Wedding Poppy has white petals with but when the flower unfolds the blossoms open, The large buds nod down at first, but they raise their heads as the flowers unfurl.

While it thrives in the sun, it does not like extreme heat. It is a low maintenance perennial that does not spread. It is drought proof. Rabbits do not disturb it even though it is not in a fenced in garden.

One year, a curious squirrel took a big bite of the large bud. This lovely, hardy perennial with its silver green foliage and blossoms as white as pure snow provides contrast to any of the plants around it.

It is easy to grow in a sunny spot, even in poor soil. After it blooms, it can be cut back and it may have a few blossoms a second time in one Calgary season. Like many of the naturalizers I use as ground covers in my garden, this plant needs to be cut back after it blossoms and it can be divided often.

It can grow in planters as well as in garden beds. This easy-to-grow, Zone 3, old-fashioned perennial blooms from mid-May and reaches its peak towards the end of June. Its cluster flowers on tall flower stalks, are a deep pink tall flower stalks and the foliage, which forms a grass-like mound, remains green late in the fall and appears again in early spring.

It can be used for xeriscaping — once it is established, it is drought tolerant, does not need a lot of watering but does not like to dry out completely. It can grow in relatively dry areas but does better with enough moisture. This sturdy cottage garden plant, which is native to Europe, will grow in a container or in mass plantings, in a scree, alpine, or rock garden, and along the garden border.

It is excellent for cutting. Other good cutting flowers that bloom at the same time include Mrs. Andrist Iris, roses, and catmint. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. It is a good choice for a naturalizing or woodland garden. Fryer Mantorville, Minnesota inIt is a hardy bearded rhizomatous iris that grows vigorously and is easily subdivided. It has thrived in Calgary and is a feature of many older gardens and is not sold in nurseries.

It prefers full sunlight. It is very fragrant. They can be planted together. Willis established his nursery in in Mantorville, Minnesota.In his catalogue, he claimed to have tested over varieties of iris. There are dozens of Mrs. Andrist Iris in the Parkdale Community Garden transplanted by thirty Brookfield Residence volunteers from the lane way garden in September prior to the construction of The Henry.

This small mounded evergreen perennial blooms in mid-June with bright white blossoms on delicate stems. It has a slow growth. This Caryophyllaceae is approximately 15 centimetres at its maximum growth. Its genus is Silene, and its family is Caryophyllaceae. The leaf colour is a silver. It flowers from June to August. It does not require a lot of moisture and grows well in the sun. Wikipedia article Silene uniflora.

It blooms in June and July and will bloom a second time in a season if it is cut back hard immediately after its first blooming. Its foliage is attractive with leaves that are large and narrow and form clumps. It attracts bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

No maintenance. There are many cultivars. The Calgary Horticultural Society includes this plant in its database but cautions that it can become an aggressive, invasive grower. By late spring in my Calgary garden, c. The Calgary Horticultural Society says that it is both rabbit and deer resistant. They recommend Helictotrichon sempervirens blue oat grass as a companion plant. The perennial Trumpet gentian is one of my garden favourites. In my home garden in , one clump under the rose bush reached its peak season blossoming period on June 6th, 7th, 8th.

The penetrating blue of the large trumpet-shaped flowers is unusual and stunning especially when the mound is covered with the blossoms. The flowers turn to the sun, opening and closing in response to light and rain. This makes them difficult to photograph. This year with so much cloud cover it was a challenge to capture them at their best angle in the sun.

Although the average spread of clumps is 30 cm or 12 inches they can spread even more in ideal conditions. The intense blue colour of the flower against the rich green of the low-growing tightly layered carpet of leaves creates a spectacular display. The flowers rise only to about 15 cm or 12 inches while the foliage creates a thick mass of pointed leaves which holds the moisture around the roots and keeps them cool in the hot sun.

While the Trumpet Gentian can flourish in both full sun or part shade, they need to be protected from the late afternoon sun from the west. It blooms in early June which is spring or late spring in Calgary.

It prefers consistently average moist soil that is rich and acidic. Sprinkling on its petals when it is too hot may damage them. It is an excellent addition to an Alpine and Rock garden but can also be used as edging or even in a container. It is rabbit resistant which is important in Calgary particularly if they are like mine in an open garden.

It has no fragrance. It can grow in colder zones as low as 2A. Performs best in a rock garden where the roots can stay cool and moist. Can be a challenge to grow in Calgary. It can be difficult to grow and maintain. It is a challenge to weed out grasses, etc because of the tight weave of the leaves and the lack of depth of the root system.

The outer petals are an intense blue. If I were to mix this colour using Golden or Liquitex I would use cobalt blue and ultramarine. Corel PaintShop identifies it as html 0d16fb. The trumpet-shaped terminal flowers are an intense dark cobalt blue. Inside the throat of the flower are patches of olive-green and the deepest part of the longitudinal throat is spotted. The exterior of the throat is a purple ultramarine. Siberian squill AprilThe Sibirean squill bulbs were planted in the late s and have since naturalized.

This photo was taken on April 30,Beard-tongues are native to North America and are very hardy, low-maintenance, Water Wise and disease-resistant. They are hare-resistant and they attract both hummingbirds and butterflies. They could be in a butterfly garden.

Ground covers include Creeping phlox ,. I highly recommend this combination in a community garden as all these plants are low-maintenance and water wise. In Parkdale, Calgary the Sea Thrift is a drought-tolerant, showy, reliable, trouble-free, small, mounding ground cover and naturalizing perennial.

It can grow in full sunlight and survives dry conditions even in shallow rocky soil. It can be easily divided and if left can begin to rot in the centre, particularly if it is over-watered.

Royal Horticultural Society

David Dave Ernest Black was born in in Westport, Ontario, where he attended school and subsequently studied watch making. He moved to Calgary, Alberta in , on board the Harvester Excursion with little money and food that spoiled. He eventually opened his own small watch repair business. By David E. In David E. A replica of David E.This union resulted in three daughters, Dorothy Wells , Frances Danby , and Betty Burns ; seven grandchildren; 13 great grandchildren; and 9 great, great grandchildren.

Ribbons lined the walls with all of his prizes from the annual flower show hosted by the Calgary Horticultural Society.

Calgary Horticultural Society: Growing vines in Calgary

Staff are available by phone and email. Oro-Medonte boasts bounty of farm-fresh products 8 photos orilliamatters 1 day ago. Pawsitive Pack Animal Rescue Active. If no one claims Miracle, Big Dog Ranch will work to find him a forever home. L0L 1T0. Conveniently situated about an hour north of Toronto, New Tecumseth is home to more than 30, residents. Mama is missing since last night. Oro-Medonte residents. Barrie Literacy Council 1.

Meet for fun near ohio

Adair Tree Care is a full service, all season tree care company serving Calgary Alberta. We are proud to offer expert service to both residential and commercial clients. Our well-trained staff will help find solutions to your tree maintenance issues and will care for your trees and property as if they were their own. We stay current with industry standards through ISA certification, membership and other industry related events. We are fully insured and covered by WCB, servicing all residential and commercial properties.

Browse all calgary horticultural society salaries by category. Beyond the basics, and more on thriftbooks.

Get Back to the Earth at the Calgary Horticultural Society Garden Show

The events listed here are video conferences unless stated otherwise. All will be organized in accordance with Covid restrictions, so check back for changes. Calgary rock gardeners will present photos and discuss five to ten of their favourite rock garden plants. Find out what grows well in Calgary and how to grow it. Penstemon sp at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

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Our gardening experts answered your lockdown questions , Stuff, featuring Geranium Rozanne. Gardening: Enjoy geraniums — you have more than 2, to choose from! Rozanne rated 1 plant to attract bees. Geranium Rozanne featured plant of the week. Ondra, Fine Gardening-IssueChicago Daily Herald. Rozanne also mention as past PPOY.

When planning your garden, think vertically. Vines can add stature, colour, texture, fragrance, flowers and fruit to the garden.

Oro medonte dog rescue

Sounds like quite a party! Plants develop strong, upright flowering clumps that sway gently in the wind. Native Americans used dried flower petals to combat hay fever; however, this common name infers that sneezing would be caused, rather than cured!


Chinook Landscaping works very hard to make sure all of their clients are completely satisfied with their landscaping. It is a great honour to be recognized by the industry for this prestigious award. Have a look at other rewards Chinook Landscaping has won. Landscaping Calgary Awards. It is never too early to start planning your summer gardens. Strawberries are a great addition to any garden in Calgary.

We are closely following any and all policy changes, and we will post any updates here.

He has spent his years since graduating teaching, growing cut flowers, and most recently, growing organic greenhouse vegetables. We talk about the importance of old growth forests, the threats facing them, and an update on the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. This week it's just Ben and Mark and we're talking about the foundations of gardening: soil. Our challenges, and our thinking on this important subject. Plus, what we're working on and the season that was. In our final week of summer sabbatical we are revisiting another favourite from the archive, Steven and Emma Biggs. We really appreciate Doug's ability to take difficult subjects - such as the biodiversity crisis - and make them deeply understandable to lay-gardeners such as us.

Proven Winners has announced a partnership with The Plant Company to begin marketing houseplants. The University of Guelph is now home to a future forest, thanks to Trees for Life. Landscape Management Network LMN has acquired Greenius, an online training software company specializing in landscaping. Aspire Software has partnered with SiteOne Landscape Supply to focus on improving the estimating process in the Aspire Landscape platform.

Watch the video: Naturally Pest Proofing your Garden (July 2022).


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