Best fragrant plants for indoors

Best fragrant plants for indoors

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Growing indoor plants is a great way to add greenery to your home and stay close to nature. They purify the air you breathe, have a positive impact on your mental health and help enhance your productivity. There are some fragrant houseplants that are absolutely perfect to make your house smell great naturally. Read more to know about 7 best smelling indoor plants that will brighten up your space with a refreshing fragrance. Known for its sweet fragrance and attractive purple flowers, lavender is the most aromatic of all fragrant plants that need to be placed in a well-lit area with proper air flow. Lavender has a very distinctive gentle fragrance that spreads in the entire room and creates relaxing vibes.

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The 10 Most Fragrant Flowers to Plant in Your Garden

Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms:. Signup Login Toggle navigation. Views: , Replies: » Jump to the end. Quote Post 1. Quote Post 2. Quote Post 6. Sweetheart Hoya Hoya kerrii 'Variegata' Posted by tarev.

Epicactus Epiphyllum 'Teki' Posted by tarev. Quote Post 8. The 2nd best time is now. Member Login: Username or email:. Pinterest Facebook Youtube Twitter Instagram. Hi, None of my starting houseplants give fragrance except the snake plants are said to bloom with dramatic fragrance, but I wouldn't expect mine to bloom in near or even far future. I like natural fragrance from plants either the flower or plant itself. My Boston ferns give some fresh tint air, but no fragrance.

Thanks If a plant looks good, smells good, don't eat it, grow it! Fiat Quote Post 1. I do not know of any indoor plants that have a fragrance, unless you attempt to grow herbs indoors unfortunately, I don't think most herbs do well inside. With respect to flowers, I can only think of a couple. Select Sansevieria I don't believe all Sansevieria flowers have a fragrance can have fragrance. I know that the 'Corn Plant' Dracaena fragrans is said to have an overwhelming scent when it blooms, but I think the same holds true for Sansevieria, in that it's not a super common occurrence to see one bloom indoors.

Certain orchids have smells, but I can't recall which ones and some Orchids are not recommended for the "beginner. Planto Quote Post 2. There are some Hoyas with extremely fragrant blooms, usually detected in the evening and at night. Basket Plant Callisia fragrans is grown as an indoor plant by some folks, the flowers are fragrant. Queen of the Night Epiphyllum oxypetalum is a nocturnal bloomer with fragrant flowers that open at night and are spent the next morning.

Planto: Thanks. Lin: Those are lovely plants. And the queen of the night grows to 20' tall? Any way I'll check them up.

Thank you. Tarev: I wonder if your Amaryllis give fragrance? If a plant looks good, smells good, don't eat it, grow it! I had a star jasmine that was easy to grow indoors and the fragrance was awesome. There are some orchids that are fragrant but need humid conditions. I have a hard time keeping them alive. I think ATP member tarev lives in a very hot, dry area of the country and she may be able to give you some suggestions.

I think she grows a hoya or two and possibly orchid cactus as well. Many succulent like plants can withstand hot, dry conditions. Plants that like some humidity can be sprayed with a water hose if outside or with a water bottle when indoors; or they can be placed on trays with moist pebbles, which raises the humidity around the plants. I have a Star Jasmine Jasminum laurifolium var. It could be grown in a container indoors and should bloom if given enough light.

Yes, Fiat lives in a neighboring county close to ours here. Fiat, as to the amaryllis, there are some with a faint fragrance, it just depends which cultivar it is. But so far those that had bloomed in my area are just the colorful ones, and not fragrant.

I have grown some orchids that are mildly fragrant: Oncidium Sharry Baby - smells like chocolate Zygopetalum- sweet floral scent Maxillaria tenuifolia - smells like coconut Phalaenopsis - so far those that have bloomed are not fragrant, but they are really pretty. Best part these blooms can last for several months..

But I do find it takes awhile for them to bloom in my area.. I am thinking it is my low humidity that affects it..The ones with me has no fragrance again.. You can grow them indoors, but really needs that good combination of bright light, humidity, water, fertilizer, air circulation. But that bright light is really essential.

Not direct sun, but bright light. Except for Phals and Paphs, they prefer indirect light. I find orchids in the Oncidium Alliance easiest to grow, sometimes I deliberately make them sit in water.. And recently I have moved them to my growcamp this summer. But they can be grown indoors, near a window, with due diligence in watering, and patience in waiting for the plant to grow.

I get blooms during late winter to early Spring. I would encourage you to read more about the culture of whatever orchid you may want to try, they take awhile to bloom, takes a lot of patience.

Geez, cannot remember if the other two have a slight fragrance, sorry.. Hoya kerrii variegata managed to bloom only when I placed it in my shady patio, but indoors I only get its leaves.

Hoya shooting star, this one is happy enough to bloom indoors just by the window, as long as you make it sit in water. Hoya shooting star Hoya kerrii variegata Sweetheart Hoya Hoya kerrii 'Variegata' Posted by tarev As to epicacti or orchid cactus, though you can grow them indoors, it is best to have them outdoors in bright light, it can actually take a few hours of full sun as long as media is damp moist.

But the blooms are just a one day or one night show. But truly pretty and showy when they manage to bloom. The ones I got have no fragrance, but their blooms are enough for me. I also find that I can leave them outdoors any season, even in winter. Epicactus Epiphyllum 'Teki' Posted by tarev Bottomline is these houseplants, need good bright light to encourage them to bloom. Fragrance will be the bonus. But I grow them more for their nice blooms. Fiat, You're welcome. Planto Quote Post 8.

Lin, Cinta, Tarev: Surprise! Then they appeared in Tarev's list I picked b4 Tarev's post. The most exciting one came like "Bingo" to me that bring my memory to near reality: 20 yrs ago when I was still living in Petaluma north of S. From one house to another, I passed through everyone's front yard and browsed over their different plants. They were all pleasing to your eyes in each different way and style. However, only two caught my nose for their unforgettable fragrance. You would already know the first one must be "Rose".

Some specific Rose has very subtle, yet romantic fragrance; it's a classical! The other one came from an unknown shrub, vine that just spread up from side of walking path and reached top of fence. It gave a very pleasing aroma which can lift one's spirit IMO. After the finding, every time I would stop jogging b4 that house and slowing walking through the section to inhale as much possible. Unfortunately, never got chance meeting the host and inquiring the name of the plant.

I am just a new plant lover now. Never b4 ever try searching related info But I never forget the joy of appreciating those two plants' fragrance. And that's why I brought up this topic. OK, now I believe probably all of you now know which plant is this other one. Cinta and Lin have mentioned it Cinta's word "awesome" is quite agreeable and I have checked the pictures. It's Star Jasmine! I still want to try Tarev's Amaryllis, fragrant or not.

But I think I have found my indoor fragrance plant caring and condition seem manageable and not as difficult as other fragrance plants like orchids and I plan to grow it soon.

Fiat 1 Quote Post 9. I could not help but pop in here and see what you all thought was your favorite. I personally adore jasmine. They do well in the house both Star Confederate and Maid of Orleans. They were out on the deck all summer and I just brought them in last week.

Top 10 most fragrant flowers in India

We love the different benefits of indoor plants, such as it purifies the indoor air, helps us destress , and adds beauty and color to our home. However, fragrant indoor plants are our favorite because it enhances our senses. They can make our home smell like spring all year-round. Plus, they look beautiful and are low-maintenance , as well. So, if you want a home that smells like heaven, keep reading for our recommended fragrant indoor plants. Jasmine is one of the most popular fragrant indoor plants, together with lavender. Aside from its beautiful appearance, jasmine is easy to grow.

Another house plant is pink jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum). The vine produces masses of fragrant, star-like flowers that are reddish-pink on the.

Aromatic (Fragrant) Indoor Plants

Scented flowers and fragrant blooms are some of the greatest pleasures of gardening. Here are a few of my favorites. This article will break down 14 of my favorite plants with wonderful, sweet-smelling flowers.What could be more lovely than a flower's gentle scent guiding your sense of smell! They release a wonderful smell into the breeze that can be just so soothing to the senses. We have two fragrant flowering plants on our patio: the jasmine I got from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago and the night-blooming jasmine that I received from my uncle that has been flowering for years now. But what other sweet or fragrant flowering plants are your choices if you're not into these two? Here's a small list of sweet-scented flowering plants—along with plenty of photos to feast your eyes on—for you to consider adding to your garden. Description: Honeysuckle can either be a vine or a shrub. It can grow as high as 10 meters, and is loved by hummingbirds.

The Lovely Plants

The South's love affair with roses continues to evolve. We prize them for their intoxicating fragrance and the myriad shapes, sizes, and colors of their blossoms. But the ways we use them in our gardens have changed. Gone are the days of lining out scores of roses with name tags at the foot of each one like grave markers in a cemetery.

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12 Best Fragrant Houseplants for Your Home

Naturally fragrant houseplants can improve the whole ambiance of a room, creating a more calming or a more invigorating atmosphere, or even evoking memories of your favorite vacation. A few fragrant flowers and herbs do especially well indoors. Among these, you have a variety of choices including intoxicating florals, crisp citrus scents, and appetizing herbal aromas. If the scent of a flower garden in full bloom is your thing, there are plenty of fragrant flowering plants that can bring that summertime mood indoors. Each rose-like bloom lasts for around a week, but when conditions are right, the plant can keep blooming all summer.

12 Plants for a More Fragrant Garden

Why spend money on chemical air-fresheners that have been cultivated in laboratories to create synthetic versions of the real thing, when the real thing itself is healthier and cheaper — and looks fabulous in your home, too? Here are some aromatic houseplants — from subtly scented to flamboyantly fragrant — to make your home a playground for the senses. But bear in mind, most fragrant houseplants only emit scent for a short period, while their flowers in bloom. To extend your window of freshness, buy a selection of plants that blossom at different times. Like the air freshener that releases a jet of fragrance when you press its button, a scented geranium will release a burst of beautiful scent into the room when you gently rub or bruise one of its leaves. Care tips: This easy-care plant should only be watered when the soil is dry. More powerful than its delicate cousin, the polyanthum, the Madagascar emits a heady fragrance. As a climbing plant, it will be sold, snaking around a wire hoop.

Top 5 Fragrant Plants for Indoors · Scented geraniums: This member of the herb family is incredibly fragrant, plus there are dozens of varieties that come in.

10 Fragrant Indoor Plants That Will Make Your Home Smell Like Spring

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Modern Gardening. Outdoor Gardening. Urban Gardening. Having nice smelling house plants can help keep you relaxed and also impress houseguests.

Plants are an excellent way to be close to nature.

Almost everyone would crave it right! So this article may help you pick Fragrant Plants Best Plants For Home that may lack at producing the king-size flowers but, when it comes to fragrances, they can take you on a trance on a chilly winter night. This teeny-tiny winter shrub with a cuplike shape blooms in winter, directly from the branches drooping downwards. It gives out an alluring fragrance and, its application inside linen cupboards to keep your clothes fresh and scented might allude to the application of lavender for the same reason. When you jot down names of winter-fragrant plants , Witch Hazel secures its place on top of the list always as it makes any passer-by stop to inhale its fragrance from a certain distance. It adds to the garden a yellow-orangish aesthetic color duo besides giving out a subtle scent. One can grow it in any medium-size vessel making space for other shrubs to grow as well.

Yet, the only thing better than a garden that looks great—is one that smells fantastic! Choosing plants that stimulate more than one of your senses is a wonderful way to boost the ambience of your outdoor space, without any additional work.These fragrant perennials do double-duty with great looks and even better scents! Coneflower is a common addition to the perennial garden, and while just about any cultivar goes over as a treat with pollinators, this sweetly-scented variety is a true crowd-pleaser.