Contemporary landscape design yard maintenance

Contemporary landscape design yard maintenance

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We are an award-winning garden landscape design company based in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath. We work with clients who are looking for unique outdoor spaces with a focus on contemporary design. The design elements of our gardens concentrate on using a strong architectural framework that is counterbalanced by soft, layered planting. Each garden project is personally designed and overseen by Russell Shekleton, our garden designer and director at KHS Landscaping. Our in-house team is made up of highly trained and qualified horticulturists and landscape professionals who all have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Most importantly, they all have a passion for creating beautiful and vibrant contemporary gardens.

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Modern landscapes take the approach that less is more and incorporate a mix of concrete, as well as steel, to compliment the aggressive sharp angles typically found in its design. Contemporary landscape design has all of the above stated design characteristics but also adds a bit of a gentler touch.

Whereas modern landscapes tend to avoid curves, contemporary landscape can find a proper place for them. You may see the presence of wood accents in contemporary landscapes as well more vibrant and diverse plant life interspersed within the overall design theme.

These landscape designs also tend to use gravel and custom built water features. Similar to its modern counterpart, contemporary landscape design has gained much popularity recently not only for its simplistic beauty but also for its water conservation properties.

Hardscapes and softscapes balance one another and create a texture and style that neither could accomplish alone. Yarrow Landscaping has worked with many clients in the Lakeway and Austin areas that are attracted to the possibilities that a contemporary landscape design can bring to their home.

Our team listens to the desires of our clients and complements this with our creativity and expertise to accomplish truly stunning results. We would love to hear about your ideas. Please reach out to us and let us help you accomplish your vision. Contemporary landscape can be compared to a sibling of modern landscape. The two types of landscape styles are often conflated to be a single style since they appear to the same.

Yet, if you examine the styles closely, you will discover subtle differences that establish each in their own right. Phone: Email: info yarrowlandscaping. Yarrow Newsletter and Specials. Contemporary design. Make your place feel alive with contemporary techniques that soften your experience.

Let the vibrant plant diversity transport you into a private oasis of inspiration and wonder. Contemporary landscape is a sibling of modern landscape. The two types of landscape styles are often conflated to be a single style since they appear to be the same.

Landscape Design Ideas

Many landscaping trends took us back to nature with more low-maintenance, water-smart and eco-friendly designs. Many also involved using our outdoor spaces for more of our typically-indoor activities. Here are 20 of the biggest landscaping trends we saw gaining traction in , all of which will become even more important inEven better, they tend to do better than non-natives when it comes to the extreme weather events brought on by climate change. For example, Eastern Showy Aster Eurybia spectabilis and Sweet Goldenrod Solidago odora look great and are perfect in pollinator gardens trend 6.

Creo Landscape Architecture designed the backyard for this San angular landscape architecture and gives the backyard a more contemporary.

Contemporary Landscape Architecture

John Steuernagel is a third-generation ornamental horticulturist with over 30 years experience, carrying on his family's reputation for thoughtful, quality landscaping. He has a thorough knowledge of all styles of landscape design, and a gift for creating designs that combine utility with aesthetic beauty. He will spend countless hours at the drafting table visualizing and planning your space before ever breaking ground.Once he starts a project, John mentors and leads his dedicated staff through each project. You will not find a designer who is on-site more, from conception to completion, doing what he loves most, which is attentively sculpting nature. He is a multi-faceted artist and master craftsman: a stonemason and hardscape specialist, a carpenter, a mechanic, and a naturalist. John takes great pride in the specifics of his hand-drawn, simple, and graceful designs, and he puts his heart and soul into each garden.

How to plan a modern garden - the 10 top tips you absolutely need to know

The path to a beautiful landscape is anything but simple. It begins with a feel for nature that brings everything into balance. It grows with knowledge of the plants and plans that allows all living things to thrive. It flows with our passion for the rich, green places that make all of us feel most at home.

Keeping the neatest looking lawn in the neighborhood requires a great deal of hard work and commitment as a homeowner.

Create a Contemporary Environment with Modern Landscaping

Learn about our tailored garden maintenance after care program. Learn about the gentleman behind the brand. Carefully crafted elements coming together to create your dream garden. Qualified and licensed tradesmen providing the highest quality craftsmanship. Your Name required. Your Email required.

23 Characteristics of a Modern Garden:

Beautiful landscape design has long been associated with luscious green grass, vibrant flowers, and abounding trees. However, more and more property owners have been leaving the traditional behind for a more contemporary and practical approach—a lawn-free design. This modern landscape trend is centered around creating an attractive and useful outdoor space using many different substrates, but excluding grass. Intrigued by this new landscape design style? Here are a few creative options we love in a lawn-free design:. Slate walkways and stepping stones are perfect features to bring your unique design style to a space. Depending on the materials and shapes of this hardscape, your yard can gain a sweeping pathway or an architectural statement. Here are a few creative options we love in a lawn-free design: A Path Worth Taking Slate walkways and stepping stones are perfect features to bring your unique design style to a space.

Green Apple Landscaping offers a complete design and build service serving the GTA Toronto area. Contemporary Modern Landscapes.

6 Ideas for Creating a Contemporary Landscape

We strive to get to know our clients to the point where we can deliver an exterior space that expresses their personality and lifestyle. If you are looking for an outdoor design that blurs the transitions between interior and exterior spaces while maximizing its beauty and usability, then you will find us to be a great fit for you. We understand that most people meet with more than one design firm or contractor before signing a contract. Whether you are just starting to think of your yard or it has been on your mind for years, contact us to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the potential of renovating your exterior space.

Modern Landscaping Inc.

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Garden design is the art and process of designing and creating plans for layout and planting of gardens and landscapes. Garden design may be done by the garden owner themselves, or by professionals of varying levels of experience and expertise. Most professional garden designers have some training in horticulture and the principles of design. Some are also landscape architects , a more formal level of training that usually requires an advanced degree and often a state license.

Garden design, according to Wikipedia , is the art and process of designing and creating plans for layout and planting of gardens and landscapes.

5 Important Elements of a Modern Landscape

Modern landscape designs use geometric shapes, symmetrical elements and clean straight lines for a sense of sophisticated style. This can be seen in hardscaping and repetition of plant material. Corners of walkways are squared off, rather than curved as you may find in more traditional landscape design. Plants are not grouped in threes, but instead laid out in grids or rows of repeating plants. Modern landscape designers create interesting ways for nature to interrupt the starkness of hardscaping. These interruptions break up the space as well as add aesthetic appeal. For instance, concrete walkways laid out in grids may have grass growing between the slabs.

Since , Bonick Landscaping has designed distinctive landscapes for sophisticated homeowners and collaborated with renowned Dallas architects, home builders, and interior designers.Our devoted clients count on Bonick Landscaping for our forward-thinking landscape architecture, one-of-a-kind custom pool construction, and enviable luxury landscape design. We pursue standards of excellence in our design, materials, quality, detail, and dedication to service, seeking to build long-lasting relationships with our Dallas-Fort Worth clients.


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