How to care for plants for milenials

How to care for plants for milenials

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This year, Millennials are expected to pass Baby Boomers as the largest and most influential generation in America. Millennial homeowners value thoughtful design, care deeply about the environment, and are looking for new ways to use technology to make life easier. They also want to forge meaningful relationships with the companies and brands they interact with. These are just a few of the ways this new generation is shaping how our company designs, builds, and maintains landscapes:.

  • Millennials Take On Houseplant Trend
  • AutoZone Plants Its Flag in Chowchilla With $150M Project
  • The plant industry is fast blooming, thanks to Millennials
  • Millennials' Love of House Plants Continues to Grow
  • Millennials don’t feel confident about taking care of house plants
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Millennials Take On Houseplant Trend

A few years ago, I thought I had the opposite of a green thumb and would kill any plant left in my care. It was a big, wild, leafy green plant with tiny pink and purple centres and I loved how quickly it grew.

I took it into my office, cleaned it up a bit, and just a week later, it was absolutely thriving. Before long, I had this jungle of a plant pouring down from the top of my desk and the confidence boost I needed. I began to look up different kinds of plants and started picking one up now and then that I thought might be easy enough to care for. My little collection only sits at eight right now, but adding a pop of green to my home and watching them grow is really rewarding.

From blogs, to videos, and even entire social media accounts dedicated to teaching others how to care for plants in fun and entertaining ways. Before you jump in, take some time to look around and get a sense of what the most common tips and tricks are. This can really help in the long run! When you purchase a plant, there are a few things to take into account.

What kind of light do you have in your home? For example, most ivy leaves are like tiny solar panels that soak in light like a sponge and want to sit directly in the sun, while snake plants can tolerate much more darkness. If you do want to give them a shot, make sure you use a fast-draining cactus mix for soil, include drainage, and resist the urge to over water.

The most important thing to remember is that starting a collection of house plants is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Jill Ellsworth is a writer and communications specialist who lives in Dominion, N.

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One irrefutable thing about house plants is that they need a lot of care. The guilt that accompanies the death of plants you might have picked a long time ago is easy to bare. But things would have definitely been different had you nurtured the plant. Just like the responsibilities of adulthood, the responsibilities of a plant, or even a garden, are teachers in life. If you want a good insight into adulting then take up the responsibility of caring for plants. From the point of buying a plant, the responsibilities begin. Buying a plant, buying the pot, looking up organic ideas to keep it nourished, routinely checking up on it, and managing its sun-shade exposure ratio—everything in a way correlates to how you can handle your relationships.

In other words, “plant therapy” is so much more than self-care to him – it's a calling and a means to bring joy and purpose to others.

AutoZone Plants Its Flag in Chowchilla With $150M Project

Posted October 17, p. EDT Updated October 17, p. Durham, N. It's perfectly spotless and includes the smiling husband, adorable dog and plants. Lots of plants. Cranley started her love of plants with an orchid she kept on her desk while studying for her doctorate. Now she has about 30 plants all over her home. Each is placed where it will get the correct sunlight while making the room seem more inviting. You know crazy plant lady. Sometimes I feel like a crazy plant lady because I have so many plants," she said.

The plant industry is fast blooming, thanks to Millennials

Not only are they keeping plants in their own homes, but they are also giving them as birthday or moving in gifts. But what is the root of this plant-obsession, and how do we know can we actually call it an obsession? Well, according to the National Gardening Report, about six million Americans started getting into gardening in , and about five million of them were between the age of 18 andHence, they are well aware that the interior design is moving more and more towards nature and organic shapes, materials and textures.

An accumulation of concrete, high-rises and an all-consuming digital world have combined to distance us from the natural world, with the climate crisis accelerating our planet to a point of no return. In response, the NHS offer 'nature prescriptions,' urging citizens to seek out green spaces proven to improve our mental and physical health.

Millennials' Love of House Plants Continues to Grow

I stopped by a retail garden center recently while I was visiting New York. The owner was excited to see Millennials interested and involved in the industry. It got me thinking about the industry and how Millennials and the generations to follow are the future of our businesses. Though I do not claim the title proudly, I wanted to share some insight into my generation- AKA your biggest customer base. Understanding your customer base and the world they live in will help you make more sales.

Millennials don’t feel confident about taking care of house plants

Katherine Martinko is an expert in sustainable living. What is it about indoor leafy foliage that has so captivated young adults? In the past few years, urban nurseries have seen sales skyrocket as young people come in to stock up on verdant foliage to fill their living spaces. Why are young people so obsessed with greenery all of sudden also named Pantone's color of the year in ? How did they go from being tomato-inept to representing the largest chunk of newly minted gardeners?

What may have started out as a passion for house plants, has since branched out to millennials getting stuck right in (48%) as our survey of.

Whether seeking a coping mechanism for climate change or simply wanting to maintain a connection to the Earth in an increasingly digital world, millennials have turned to cultivating plants. Her videos feature dual-screen breakdowns of plants like Pilea cadierei , where she explains what kind of lighting and water conditions they respond well to and how they grow in different types of soil. In New York City, stores like The Sill have amassed a large following — , people on Instagram alone — and use their platform to share plant facts, introduce new plants and push out updates on in-house workshops that allow users to take the tips offline and join workshops.

Over the past couple of years, raising houseplants has gone from a post-retirement activity to a popular pastime amongst homebound Millennials. Xin Kai is a landscape architect who designs therapeutic gardens in community and healthcare facilities. He also plans nature-based activities, such as workshop sessions, for schoolchildren, the elderly, persons with dementia, and other special needs. This shows that plants can greatly benefit people, especially the elderly, in reminiscence about the good memories.

As the market shifts, how do you shift?

Jonathan Franklin. Workers at Kellogg's cereal plants are striking over the loss of premium health care, holiday and vacation pay, and reduced retirement benefits. Reddit users are flooding the Kellogg Company's job portal with fake applications after the company recently announced it will replace its striking union workers with new permanent employees. The spammers say they stand in solidarity with the strikers. In descriptions of the job listings posted, Kellogg specifically notes that prospective workers would be hired to fill positions from employees on strike.

Department of Commerce. The recent surge coincides with the fact that some millennials are delaying home ownership. He rented an apartment that was so desolate, it echoed.