Travelers palm indoor plant

Travelers palm indoor plant

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More Information ». Palm trees grown in the landscape appear carefree, but they are susceptible to many diseases, insects, and nutritional problems. Avoid many of these problems by following the recommended cultural practices that help keep plants healthy and vigorous. Leaf Spots: Palms are commonly affected by many leaf-spotting fungi.

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  • ARTIFICIAL TRAVELER’S PALM (RAVENALA)-نخيل, الاصطناعية (رافينالا)
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  • Travelers Palm Tree
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  • Traveller's Palm - Ravenala madagascariensis - 10L / 25cm / XL
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Traveller's palm

Back Flora 3 1Not a true palm, but more closely related to bananas. Reaches up to 30m height in the wild, but typically shorter in cultivation. Crown symmetrical, fan-shaped.

Trunk woody-like with characteristic leaf-scar rings, hidden underground in juvenile plants, and emergent in mature plants. Leaves paddle-shaped, banana-like, large up to 4m long and 0. Flowers small with off-white boat-like bracts, produced in inconspicuous inflorescences up to 30cm long amongst leaf petioles, reported to be pollinated by Varecia variegata Ruffled Lemurs in native habitat. Blooming seldom observed in Singapore and tropical lowlands due to ever wet conditions.

Fruits brown, woody, 3-lobed capsules. Seeds numerous, black, thinly covered with glossy blue and hairy aril, eaten by birds. Cultivated in landscapes for its tropical-looking and architectural crown. Can be grown in containers to constrain size.

Prefers moist, well-drained, rich loamy soils, and regular nitrogen-rich fertilizers for lusher foliage growth. Avoid planting in areas with strong winds, which may result in torn tattered leaves.

Leaf sheaths and flower bracts may collect stagnant water and are potential mosquito breeding grounds. If neat formal appearance is desired, remove basal suckers regularly to maintain clear-trunked specimens, and prune away older leaves. Usually propagated by division of suckers from base of parent plant. Untreated seeds slow to germinate. Plant growth initially slow, trunks may take up to 3 years to emerge from underground, but growth rate accelerates thereafter. Monotypic genus ie.

Genus epithet 'Ravenala' derived from native Malagasy name, Ravinala, meaning "leaves of the forest". Ethnobotanical Uses [Others]: Common name 'Traveller's Palm' derived from anecdotes that thirsty travellers can obtain up to 1. Plant also referred to as a compass for travellers, as it is thought that it always orientates itself along north-south axis, although this is not always true. A possible reason for such a directional orientation is the plant's attempt to face its crown of leaves into the east-west path of the sun, in order to maximize the amount of light captured.

Used as emblem of Raffles Hotel, Singapore. Share Top. Herbaceous shrub from Strelitziaceae Bird of Paradise family with palm-like appearance.

ARTIFICIAL TRAVELER’S PALM (RAVENALA)-نخيل, الاصطناعية (رافينالا)

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If you are growing the plant you will find it doesn't bear any fruits, they are grown for their attractive leaf pattern. These plants are great.

Faux Travelers Palm Tree

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Palm Plant Indoor Care – The Ultimate Care Guide For Your Palm Plant

Compared to most trees and shrubs, palms are very tolerant of poor soil, wind and salty spray. All palms benefit from regular watering and fertilization. Queen Palm Fast growing palm with graceful, arching, feather-like fronds and a smooth clean trunk. Benefits with summer watering and fertilization.

The height and shape can be customized.

Palm Diseases & Nutritional Problems

There are stories of thirsty travelers searching the horizon for a sign of this tree, which can accumulate as much as a half gallon of rainwater in each leaf base, making for a ready supply of drinking water. It originates from Madagascar which is reflected in its botanical name, Ravenala madagascariensis. It is a member of the Strelitziaceae family, and therefore closely related to the Bird of Paradise. The flowers, which can be as much as two feet in diameter, resemble those of the white Bird of Paradise Strelitzia nicolai , but they are green. The inflorescences will mature over the course of a growing season, shed their many small white-brown blooms, and then dry up.

Travelers Palm Tree: Small (0-3ft)

Ravenala Madagascariensis is commonly known as Travelers Palm. Very popular palm as ornamental plant in the tropical region. The harmonious arrangement if its leaves give it the look of beautiful shape of a big fan. Leaves are usually seen tattered and torn from exposure to the wind. It makes a nice tropical accent in a large landscape, growing too large for most modest-sized yards. The common name is derived from the fact that weary travelers would quench their thirst on the rainwater collected in the enlarged sheaths at the base of the leaves. Plants should be grown on fertile soils, high in organic matter, and routinely cared for.

Care of the plant Ravenala madagascariensis, Traveller's tree, Traveller's palm or East-West palm.

Travelers Palm Tree

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Travellar Palm - Plant

Regular priceAdd a slice of paradise to your home or commercial interiors with this Travellers Palm tree. With large, smooth-edged leaves that stand at various heights and face upward, this artificial traveler's palm tree will add a unique flair to any room. It will brighten any dead space with its realistic palm leaves that extend in several stalks. In case order has been placed and If the order has been dispatched.

The beautiful and legendary travelers palm is actually not a palm at all, but spectacular palm-like imposter related to bananas and bird of paradise.

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Keeping these elegant plants thriving is easy with this detailed indoor palm plant care guide. Palm plants are fun to collect, and pretty darn easy to care for. Plus there are lots of benefits of growing them indoors. Growing palm plants and trees indoors is very popular these days, and they make excellent houseplants. There are lots of benefits of having them in your home too, as well as tons of different varieties to choose from.

Traveller's Palm - Ravenala madagascariensis - 10L / 25cm / XL

From EGP 1, Now you'll get your plant in it's new pot. Alternatively, leave us a note and we will deliver the pot and plant separately. Cart Cart 0.

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