Landscaping next to house ideas

Landscaping next to house ideas

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After all, people typically see your front yard before they step inside your front door. And while you may take care to mow your grass and refrain from parking a rusty pickup truck in the middle, your landscaping may not exactly impress visitors as much as it could. But even if you have no plans to move, your yard can impress guests and passers-by. So what are you waiting for? Front yard landscaping is more than a patch of grass and a few plants. You need a good design plan to fit all of these landscaping ideas together in your front yard.

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Low-Maintenance Landscape Ideas

The first aspect of your front yard that you should consider is the path or walkway that leads up to your front door. This pathway can be created using stones, bricks, or concrete, but it is the base to your landscaping idea and one of the focal points of the yard so keep this in mind when adding unnecessary curves. A front yard that is steep can have a path that incorporates steps into the design to ensure that the walkway on a hill idea is not too steep for your guests.

If you want more of a garden feel in your front yard, using mulch or tan bark to create a path is appropriate as well, though oftentimes these paths are accompanied by stepping stones to make sure that the ground is even.

If the yard is large, you can give it a cozier feel by adding fountains or statues that match the walkway. Be careful with the structures that you add to your front lawn because adding too many could create an unbalance that pulls the focus away from the rest of the yard. If you want a lot of structure to your front yard, then try creating raised areas where you can plant your flowers instead of going overboard with the lawn ornaments.

The next aspect of your front lawn landscaping that you need to consider is the lawn itself. Is the grass covering the lawn, or are there bare spots where the dirt shows through? If your grass is not fully covering your front yard, you can either plant new grass seed or cover it with mulch and plant shrubs and flowers in that location.

You can choose any flowers that you like for your garden, but make sure that every season is represented. You do not want to have a beautiful lawn in the spring of the year and a bare space in the fall.

Trees are perfect for framing your house. Small bushes can create perfect accents that add to the overall look of the yard. One way to utilize small bushes or plants is to create an edging design that incorporates the plants you love into a lovely edge to the pathway. If you need some tools to prune you plants and keep them beautiful, then this garden tool set is perfect for your gardening needs.

For a list of front-yard plant ideas, see our guide we wrote — 11 Best Plants for the Front of Your House! This idea is one that incorporates a lot of circular flower plots into the design. They are all lined with flower edgings, larger plants in the middle, and the grass is trimmed to perfection.

This house has an angled roof that is accented by the perfectly straight walkway. Each side of the path is complete with bright pink flowers, accent bushes, and small trees. This idea is a simple one that brings stepping stones into play. Most of the shrubbery is green here, but the bright pink blooming plants add a lovely splash of color.

Edging is great for a front yard, and this idea utilizes edging that is made from small stones. The garden is located in a hilly area, and it is filled with red and purple accent bushes, shrubs, and rocks. This next idea features a garden of red roses and other flowers, but there is a fascinating row of pink posies nearing the edge of the sidewalk that adds a unique flavor to the curb.

This idea is reminiscent of a tropical atmosphere. The house is a pastel color; there is a large palm tree on one side, a smaller one on the other side of the doorway, and several small plants lining the walkway. This idea has a cozy woodland feel. The farther from the driveway you get, the larger the plants and shrubbery becomes.

It also provides a natural amount of privacy from your neighbors. The walkway of this idea is lined with small shrubs that lead straight to the front door.There are a few colorful plants on the side of the house, but the most eye-catching aspect is the two tall trees that are behind the house. If you like a lot of greenery, then this idea is perfect. It has a lot of small bushes that grow right up to the edge of the walk, and the plant next to the banister is filled with welcoming pink and purple blooms.

The bushes are pruned perfectly in this idea, the grass is well-kept and there are small pine trees to welcome you into the entrance of the house. The way the hedges step up towards the door is charming. There is not much to this idea except for planting palm trees in the perfect locations.

Once they are planted, surround them with mulch and small shrubs that accent your home. The next idea is perfect for separating your driveway from your front yard. A raised area with a lot of shrubs and accent plants will give you a vibrant garden that adds privacy to your home. Since this home is positioned on a hill, the landscaping idea is unique.

The trees are pruned into perfect square shapes and are positioned on three raised stone walls. The steeper side features tall trees, while accent bushes invite you into the driveway. Hills create exquisite landscaping opportunities. The walkway has stairs at two locations on the way to the door, and the majority of the area is covered in mulch and green plants and bushes. The patch of grass creates a horseshoe effect in the garden that looks amazing. This rock garden serves as a focal point in this front yard.

It has a stunning tree in the middle of the garden that is accented with small plants and bushes that are beautifully trimmed. Thinking of creating a new landscape in your front yard? Check out our gallery featuring 15 unique ideas that will help improve your curb appeal.

Side Yard Landscaping Ideas: How to Maximize Your Side Yard

The front yard is the place most homeowners fix first—and for good reason. Often, it's what others see and what the family sees most often. The builder's bit of lawn, two trees, and few foundation shrubs fall far short of most homeowner's dream landscape. To set your yard apart, invest in streetscaping to add to your home's current and future value. A pleasant view from the street gives a sense of individual pride and accomplishment that will yield results that last for decades. The first thing to do when planning a new front yard is to recognize your bias. The satisfaction of returning home and that you see your front yard from inside the house can skew your feelings about how your yard looks to the public.

All the backyard landscaping ideas you need to create the perfect terrace, garden, or lawn for your home.

What to plant in Chicago for a thriving garden this spring

Want to upgrade the look of your outdoor space but worried about the potential costs? With a touch of creativity and resourcefulness, you can better manage the expenses that come with upgrading the look of your lawn and garden. So how can you ensure more value for money when initiating a landscaping project for your property? Here are six budget-friendly ideas highly recommended by landscapers that will give your outdoor space a completely new look. Just choose an area of your lawn where you can apply a Zen landscaping concept. Decorate that space with carefully chosen rocks and a few ornaments that you can easily purchase from yard sales or flea markets. As a nice touch, you can grow succulents in small pots that you can strategically place in different areas of your outdoor space. If you have garden furniture set up, paint them with a cheery colour. This will instantly make your outdoor space come alive and boost kerb appeal.

Landscape Design Ideas

Perfect for contemporary property layouts or as a welcome contrast against a more traditional home structure, the modern landscape is one that strives for symmetry and balance above all else, whether that is a perfect or asymmetrical balance. Wood and stone accents, minimalistic patios, streamlined walkways, and even metal implements all play a crucial part in modern outdoor project planning. In terms of materials and ornaments, modern landscaping design favors the industrial over custom earthenware; raw concrete or angular tiles are ideal. The lawn itself is not the key player in modern landscaping but is instead designed to flank and frame gravel-filled beds and path routes.

These landscaping ideas can add interest to your lawn and boost your curb appeal.

Landscaping Ideas

Looking to renovate your outdoor area? Take a look at some of our favourite garden redesign for the ultimate landscaping inspiration. This garden underwent a total redesign.The original upward-sloping section was almost unusable, but this renovation has given the family more than they ever expected — and pizza for all! After six years of living in London, this family had one key priority when they went house hunting back in Auckland.

9 Cheap Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Easy ways to make a great first impression. It's easier than you think to add some seriously charming landscaping improvements to your front yard. Not only will these simple ideas make your house look more inviting, they'll also boost your home's curb appeal, whether you're looking to sell your home or not. These simple curb-appeal landscaping ideas will make your house the prettiest one on the street. Not only does mulch keep the weeds at bay, it also gives your garden beds a neat and orderly appearance. A darker color like black or brown also makes flowers, plants, and walkways pop.

So why would you surround your home in a shabby, outdated landscape design? What's The Value Of Landscaping? A home with a good landscape design.

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Are you proud of your landscaping at your home? Does it stand out as unique and make you feel good every time you see it? Enhancements are a great way to take your property to the next level but with simple changes that are not overly complex or involved. The front yard is all about curb appeal and therefore is directly linked to the overall value of your home.

The front yard is your home's calling card.

Re-designing your garden is an exciting prospect. Do you wish you had somewhere to sit, relax, entertain or let the children play? Maybe you are just a little bored and want a garden design that is more colourful, varied or maintenance friendly. Garden landscaping is the ideal way to craft an attractive space to grow plants that give you a beautiful environment and design a practical layout that allows you to use your garden how you want. But where do you start?

That narrow strip of land that connects your front yard to your backyard on each side of your house — better known as a side yard — is usually seen as wasted space that is good for little more than storing your garbage cans for easy access on trash day. Often just a few feet wide, this part of your property can be a bit more challenging to fit into your overall landscape design, but before you write it off as a waste of space, it is worth taking another look at your side yard to recognize its potential as a great garden space, private patio, outdoor entertaining area or hiding place for a functional backyard feature that you do not want in plain sight. Read on to get some inspiration for ways you can make better use of your side yard and turn this valuable property into a usable, functional space. The easiest and cheapest way to make side yards more usable is to install a fence at each end, and use the space for hiding things you need but do not want to have visible in your front yard or backyard.