Make like a tree and fruit

Make like a tree and fruit

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Make like a tree and fruit shall blossom," and if these two have done so, "blossoms shall spread all over the world." The next morning there is no water and they go to check their pines, which have dried up during the night. A man by the name of Bilman had built a little pool for the purpose of irrigation, but has now dried up and after talking the matter over, the two of them have an awakening. They learn that it is necessary to have the message, as they have had, spread about the world. This teaches them that the whole world is under the control of the spiritual powers and that they have to learn the ways of the spiritual powers. There is much talk about remaining in the wilderness with the aim of instructing the world in the ways of their spiritual teachers.

During this period there is a small village called Bereshith (also Bareshith), a place of two hundred and fifty dwellings and four hundred and fifty houses. It stands by the side of the main road and has a fairly large house which is called a large house in the language. This house is inhabited by a man by the name of Rivka Yisrael. He and other people, his sons and others, live in it. When they go out on an errand they walk out ahead and stay as long as they want. There are other people who are in this village who live outside of the large house. They have their tents and don't walk as far ahead. Rivka Yisrael himself is usually in the large house. He loves only his own family and keeps no horses or beasts of burden in the village. They don't have many fields, and many have to earn money so that they can pay their taxes, among them poor people. There is not much commerce, and very few have money, and so they can't pay their taxes. When they go to the tax collector and return empty handed he always says, "What a good family you have." His son is good at business and holds a very high office in the district. They also pay a low tax and stay at a minimum distance from the tax collector's house. The son is very rich. When he gets money and spends it he doesn't give money for the poor. "Who knows," he says, "in the future my children will also have a large house."


From Bereshith they go and set up the tent and sleep in the large house. When they leave the house it is night, and while the sky is clear the stars are visible. During the day, they keep the windows and the door shut because the place is in the middle of the village and nobody can come by. It is a good place and not many people go there, because when they have anything they distribute it to all the neighbors and it goes around and about.

In the evening, at sunset, after the evening prayer, they sit down and open the book. As soon as they see that it is evening they start to read, because it takes longer to read the text during the day. There is one place in the book where people don't read much, and the two have spent many hours in a row trying to understand what this place is. When they can't figure it out they read the commentaries. The commentaries, to which Rav Amikam seems to be referring, is the part where we learn the spiritual truths. This part of the Bible seems to say that all is revealed and understood by this way. Then they explain it and explain it and explain it. When they read the commentaries they think that their understanding of the text is deeper than the text itself. They keep a record of this from day to day in their books.



When it is midnight, after the evening prayer, they sit down in their tent to read the book. There are two more places where they don't read much. These are the places where the Torah goes into the text, and where it explains some details. When they read the commentaries and try to figure them out, they think that they can understand it. At that point they stop and explain it and explain it and explain it. They have read about fifty explanations and spent many hours in a row trying to understand them. Then they give up on the commentaries and take a break. When they see that it is still midnight and that the sun has already risen, they get up and eat. After this they set out to walk to the place where the villagers are awake.


When they have entered the village they go to the large house and greet the family. They are all well and look after them, and they do their best to give them a pleasant greeting.When the one with the beard first sets foot in the house, he gets up from where he is sitting and stands in the middle of the room, and at that moment the one with the beard says, "This man of mine, his name is Ya'ir, has just entered the house." At the sound of the name Ya'ir the one who goes in says, "This man of mine, his name is Ya'ir, has just entered the house." Then he speaks to Ya'ir with a pleasant greeting and Ya'ir answers with a pleasant greeting, just as the people on the outside also say a pleasant greeting to Ya'ir.

The one who is reading the commentaries and trying to figure out the mysteries is also there and speaks

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