Indoor planter pot 12x12x30

Indoor planter pot 12x12x30

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Indoor planter pot 12x12x30 cm

A light, high performance pot with easy handling which is ideal for growing tomatoes and other winter crops. The lightweight, portable potting bench is a lightweight, easy to handle alternative to all-round planters. It makes planting into pebbles, sand or soil easier than using a pot-shaped plant stand, with immediate access to the plants. The adjustable drip-feed system ensures high water and nutrient levels. Water and nutrient requirements are supplied to the soil from the side through a refill port and adjust according to plant type and water condition. The ideal potting bench. The potter pot features a drainhole at the bottom of the pot which allows the excess water to drain off after watering. The pot contains a feeding port for easy feeding of fertilizers and the pot is well ventilated. Easy and convenient, the planter pot is ideal for tomatoes, peppers and other kitchen and greenhouse crops.

Key features:

Weight: 120 g

Drip-feed system

Fertilization system

Adjustable watering system

Easy and convenient




Weight: 120 g

100% hand painted natural clay

Copper color

Additional Information


12x12x30 cm




Inflatable and programmable self-watering fertilizer

Watering system

Adjustable drip feeder


Adjustable drip feeder


Natural clay

Drain hole

Soil drainage port

Suitable for



Wall planters


Spring, autumn, summer and winter


At present, seedlings are still growing in the nursery, they are dependent on the operator and the temperature of the room. We will ensure that we have everything ready to go and you will be sent a message with everything you need, just like a parcel. At the time of delivery, we will open and test the growth in the pot.

We have to dry the pot for a month in the special processing hall. Then, we will spray some protection on the surface. All of these costs are included in the price. If there are errors in the pot, then the materials we order for the pot will be the first to be returned and only this will be fixed with the original price.

They're not all clones, they are still highly-diversified hybrid plants. Therefore, they can offer you higher yields, which is often necessary due to the different demands of the different plants. These plants have been bred according to their different tastes and needs.

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