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Pernettya: superb in fall and winter

Pernettya: superb in fall and winter

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The pernettya is a beautiful evergreen shrub that is quite remarkable in the fall with its original and decorative berries.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Gaultheria Syn. Pernettya
Family : Ericaceae
Type : Shrub

: 40 to 120 cm
Exposure : Partial shade
Ground : Heathland

: Persistent -Flowering : April May

  • Discover : a green balcony, even in winter

Planting pernettya

We plant the pernettyain autumn, but the plantationin spring is quite possible for pernettyas bought in container.

  • The pernettya loves themslightly acidic soils and will therefore enjoyheathland.
  • Prefer shaded areas during the hottest hours of the day.
  • To make a pernettya hedge, space each plant 1 m in all directions.
  • Combining male and female subjects helps to ensure better fruiting.

> Follow our adviceplanting shrubs.

Pernettya in a pot:

The pernettya adapts perfectly to thepot culture for your terraces and balconies, in heather beds or isolated.

  • To grow a pernettyapotted on balcony and terrace mix 1/3 of potting soil with 2/3 of heather soil and make sure that the pot is well drained and pierced.
  • Water regularly in hot weather or prolonged drought.
  • You can associate your pernettya with many plants that are below.

Associations with pernettya

In beds or in pots, we like to combine this beautiful shrub with other plants.

Its need for acidity and well-drained soil allow it to pair well with heather soil plants such asazaleasand theheather,thecamellia and therhododendron.

In the fall, it is also very pretty in a container or planter in association with the asters or the wintergreen.

If you want to give a little light green, go for some boxwood that will stay green all winter.

Finally, it can also be associated with maritime cineraries or some ornamental cabbage, whether in soil or in pots.

Pruning and caring for the pernettya

Pernettya is easy to care for and requires very little care over the seasons.

  • The growth of pernettya is slow.
  • So no pruning is really necessary.
  • A size to reshape the silhouette can intervene in the spring.

Watering the pernettya:

It should bewater regularly in case of prolonged droughts, especially for pernettya in a pot.

In fall and winter, natural precipitation should be sufficient to meet the needs of the plant.

To know about the pernettya

The pernettya is part of the large Ericaceae family.

Native to Asia and America, this shrub has adapted very well to our latitudes to provide us with superb colorful berries in the fall and winter.

But the pernettya is also remarkable in spring and summer for its beautiful dense foliage and flowering, albeit more inconspicuous, during summer.

Smart tip

Pernettya is an ideal shrub in the composition of your fall pots.

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