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Renovate your lawn in the spring

Renovate your lawn in the spring

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Your lawn was sown a few years ago, you had a beautiful lawn, but now you can see that it is full of weeds, moss in some places and yellow in others.

Summer and its long periods of drought or winter with its severe frosts are also difficult times for old lawns.

A few simple steps will allow you to give it a real "facelift" and restore it to its original appearance!

Now is also a good time to maintain your mower.

The right time for a boost

The best time to renovate its lawn is when the growth is most vigorous, in spring or fall.

Indeed, you will benefit from the vigor of your lawn to accelerate the process of renovation.

  • From the start of spring or atautumn, avoiding periods of heavy rain.
  • You can renovate your lawn until the end of spring without any problem.

Renovate your lawn in the spring

Renovating your lawn or grass is not not very difficult but still deserves some advice.

This operation is to be renewed regularly, every 2 to 3 years depending on your soil and the quality of sunshine in your garden.

Choose the products used in organic farming in order to preserve our soil.

  • Start by weed your lawn, ideally by hand, taking care to remove all the root
  • After weeding you can mow short enough your lawn
  • Since then, perform scarification by following our advice for scarify your lawn well.

Your lawn has then undergone a series of actions which have disturbed its vegetation.

The space left by weeds that have disappeared due to mowing and scarification must be reclaimed as quickly as possible by new lawn seeds.

  • Seed the most sparse parts with a turf
  • Then perform a topdressing necessary for good root development and fertilization of your soil
  • Follow our advice for topdress a lawn

4 to 6 weeks after sowing, you must then bring a special lawn fertilizer granulated.

  • This type of fertilizer will have the advantage of having a long and progressive action on your lawn.
  • The contribution oflawn fertilizer after this operation you are guaranteed to have a very beautiful, green and dense lawn.

In spring, it is also a good time to maintain your mower

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