October in the garden, what to do

October in the garden, what to do

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The last sweets of the year mingle with the flamboyant colors of the autumn foliage.

The leaves are detached from the trees to gradually form a very beautiful carpet tinged with yellow, orange and red.

October will be one of the most beautiful months of the year and certainly one of the most enjoyable when it comes to gardening!

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Lawn and grass in October

After scarifying your lawn in September, October is the time to gradually prepare it for the onset of the cold weather.

  • Add fertilizer to strengthen it one last time before winter and to limit the appearance of moss.
  • Mow more spaced by raising the cutting height. A lawn that is too short is more sensitive to cold and bad weather.
  • If you want to see pretty flowers appear in late winter and early spring, now is the time to plant some bulbs like grape hyacinth, crocus, or snowdrop.
    You will thus form a very beautiful carpet of flowers even before the vegetation has really regained its rights!
  • Collect the fallen leaves from the trees as you go.

Roses in October

  • Repeat roses are able to flower until the first frost, provided you remove the faded flowers from your rose bush as you go.
  • Continue to remove weeds that grow around the rose bushes.

  • It often happens that with the autumn humidity certain rose bushes are affected by fungi which cause a yellowing of leaves and their fall. Collect them as you go and destroy them then plan a fungicide treatment after the leaves have completely fallen.
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Flowers from the garden in October

This is the month for planting perennials but also for dividing the tufts. You will begin to protect the most fragile potted plants. Garnish your fall planters.

  • Plant the chrysanthemums bought in pots to guarantee them a beautiful flowering in November.
  • Continue to pull up annuals that are no longer blooming.
  • Start planting the biennials that will bloom in fall or spring: forget-me-not, primrose, fall pansy, wallflower ravenelle
  • Start planting the spring bulbs: Tulip, narcissus, daffodil, fritillaria, muscari, snowdrops, hyacinth, crocus, cyclamen
  • Divide the tufts of perennials to multiply them.
  • Plant the heather earth plants

Vegetable garden in October

After an abundant summer in harvest, the time has come for winter vegetables and the last summer vegetables.

If some plots are to remain virgin until next spring, sow green manure to amend your soil naturally.

  • Finish harvesting the last summer vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, peppers
  • Tuck the already ripe autumn vegetables in a dry, airy and cool place (about 10 to 12 °) for best preservation.
  • Harvest pumpkins, carrots, turnips and beets when they are mature.
  • Start sowing winter radishes by protecting them with a tunnel or frame.
  • Manure can already be spread over the unused areas of your vegetable garden.
  • Pick up all of the root vegetables.
  • Put in the celery and endives
  • Plant pink garlic without a stick for a harvest next summer
  • Before the first frosts, remember to bring in the parsnips
  • Pick up the lamb's lettuce according to your needs

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Fruit trees and orchard

October is an important month in the orchard, especially for apples and pears which are reaching full maturity, but also nuts and chestnuts, which are also the harvest.

  • Harvest the fruits that you want to keep as long as possible: apples, pears in particular. Store them in a dry and ventilated place and take care to preserve them.
  • Spray an insecticide on fruit trees and on the olive tree.

We also take advantage of the month of October, which is not yet too cold, to plant certain fruit trees such as kiwi.

Trees and shrubs in October

Purchased in containers, this is a good time to plant most shrubs, especially in areas that may fear severe frosts as early as November.

  • Prune summer flowering shrubs.
  • Remove withered flowers.
  • Start mulching the base of the shrubs to protect them from the winter cold.

Terraces and balconies

If you have frost plants like geranium, oleander, citrus, a bougainvillea, it's time to think about putting them in a safe place at the end of the month, before the first frosts.

  • As with the flowers in the garden, pull up annuals that no longer give flowers and start planting spring-flowering biennials.
  • Do a fall cleaning of all your bins and planters and possibly change the soil if it looks badly worn.
  • Prune vines to bring them back into balance.

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