Confit of candied apples and citrus zest

Confit of candied apples and citrus zest

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Here is Françoise Porcher's recipe for candied apple jam with citrus zest. A fall recipe for apple, orange and lemon lovers.

Ingredients for 1.5 kg of apples:

  • 1kg500 of apples cut, Braeburn type, firm apples from the garden
  • 1 untreated orange
  • 1 untreated lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 700 g granulated sugar

Recipe for candied apple and citrus zest jam

I start by taking strips of the orange and lemon, avoiding the white skin, too much bitterness. I cut them into fine julienne, layering three to four strips and put them in a saucepan of cold water to the height, adding the sugar three times and a little water if the level drops. I use mineral water, the zest is more tender.

I squeeze the orange and pass its juice through a tea strainer above the copper basin. I add a little water to wet the entire bottom of my basin. I pour in the sugar and wait 5 minutes to turn on the heat low. I zest the lime in fine filaments.

While my sugar syrup is making, (See the sugar syrup). I core my apples, peel them and cut them into squares. How quickly: I cut my apple in the direction of the peduncle, the tail. Each apple half spilled on a cutting board is cut into slices as if to make a pie, holding the apple half with one hand and there I cut my sliced ​​apple half in three. Tip: to cut into slices, use a knife without teeth and give a movement from the bottom up, you will see the slices stick together.

I squeeze the lemon and put its juice in the bowl I used to weigh. I mix my squares of apples with the juice as I go to avoid any oxidation. My syrup is ready, I pour my kilo of squares of apples little by little so that the squares bathe in the sugar syrup quickly, but gently in order to keep them whole. My zests are candied, I drain them and I add them to the basin. As soon as my apple squares are translucent, I lift the wooden spoon. The fourth pearl drop, I put in pots.

Sugar syrup

I start by pouring about 20 cl of water, or water and juice of a fruit (orange, lemon), enough to wet the entire bottom of my basin and I pour the amount of sugar, depending on the amount of fruit, spreading it out on the bottom of the basin. I wait a moment for the sugar to appear wet. I light on low heat, I lift with the two handles and turn my basin gently to wet all my sugar. I let it cook without stirring too much because the sugar would crystallize. First, the syrup boils making big bubbles, it is at 105 ° degrees, then the temperature rises to 112 ° degrees. (I don't use a cooking thermometer) It becomes more and more clear, almost transparent. I don't let it cook on its own any longer, it might caramelize. It is clear and syrupy, it is perfect. To reassure myself, I dip my wooden spoon and raise it 25 cm above the basin. A sweet trickle drips then drops, the fourth drop should bead. Your sugar syrup is ready for your recipe.

Sugar syrup is especially used in traditional orange marmalade. This process also makes it possible to make jams where the fruit bathes in a translucent softness. It allows you to cook fruits that are difficult to take: cherry, pear, strawberry, melon, pumpkin.

In addition, the fruits remain whole and do not mash because they are seared in the boiling sugar syrup.

Françoise Porcher (about the author and his book)

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