Nettle manure: treatment and fertilizer at the same time

Nettle manure: treatment and fertilizer at the same time

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With nettle manure, create your 100% organic fertilizer and pest repellent solution!

Discover nettle manure, an excellent fertilizer for the vegetable patch and garden plants and very good pest control for most pests such as aphids.

This will avoid the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment while maintaining high efficiency!

More and more used, it is now found sold in specialized storess but it is also quite possible to do it yourself.

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Nettle manure recipe

The nettle manure recipe is both a traditional recipe but one that has never been so up-to-date thanks to its organic and completely natural side.

The use of 100% natural products in the garden is a guarantee of success in treating your plants or to make them fertilizer while protecting the planet.

It can also be noted that nettle manure is not expensive because you just need a sprayer.

The recipe for easy nettle manure:

  • Pluck nettles :

Put them in a bin or in a bucket (absolutely avoid a metal bin)

  • Mix with water :

The following doses must be observed:

Fertilizer => 1 kg of nettles for 10L of water
Repellent => 1 kg of nettles for 20L of water

  • Leave to macerate :

1 to 2 weeks, stirring every other day

  • Filter the nettle manure solution :

You only have to recover the mixture and get rid of the nettle residues (spread them on the compost)

Thanks to this mixture, you save a lot of money and, above all, a great gesture for the environment.

A grandmother’s tip is also to put a large handful of nettles deep in the hole in your tomato and other vegetable garden crops to improve the tomato harvest.

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Use of nettle manure

This nettle-based mixture has unique qualities to stimulate plant growth but also to repel most pests, aphids and mites.

Nettle manure is not a curative treatment against diseases but a preventive treatment thanks to its ability to strengthen plant defenses.

An effective fertilizer:

  • Plants need nitrogen to thrive. It is found in all fertilizers and it is thanks to its high nitrogen content that nettle manure will provide the nutrients essential for good plant health.
  • Use of nettle manure as a fertilizer:
    Pour it directly into the earth like a liquid fertilizer, after diluting it in water to 10-20%.

Insect repellent:

  • If it is less concentrated and sprayed directly on the leaves, nettle manure will have a very good repellency against insects in general, aphids and some mites.
  • Use of nettle manure as a repellent:
    Spray the plants with a sprayer to use it against pests

Smart tip

If nettle manure is very easy to make and shouldn't be a problem for you, a few tips should make your job easier ...

  • You will speed up the fermentation by chopping the nettles beforehand.

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