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Dates: benefits and virtues

Dates: benefits and virtues

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Dates are the fruits ofdate palm (Phoenix dactylifera), an exotic plant native to North Africa and Egypt that belongs to the Arecaceae (palm) family. Very rich in vitamins and in nutrients, the date brings many health benefits and virtues.

Dates and their health benefits

  • Rich in carbohydrates, the date is a very energetic that we recommend to sportsmen (to facilitate muscle work), children and people in convalescence.
  • Dates are rich in potassium, in iron and in magnesium.
  • The fresh dates contain a high concentration ofantioxidants who protect the body's cells from damage caused byfree radicals. When dry, dates contain a little less since a certain amount is lost during dehydration.
  • Dates are rich infibers insoluble which facilitate the intestinal transit and warn her constipation, and in soluble fiber who play a role in reduced cholesterol levels as well as in the normalization of glucose and insulin levels. Therefore, they can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.
  • Along with figs, jujubes and raisins, dates are part of the "herbal tea pectoral fruits », A preparation recommended for relieve sore throat.

Growing the date palm for its benefits

  • The date palm requires a hot exposure (minimum 5 ° C) and well sunny. The soil must be sandy, deep, cool, humus and drained.
  • Pot, in a large container of at least 30 cm, you can grow a date palm. It is a very decorative but she will remain dwarf and will not bear fruit. Make sure you put in your pot sheltered winter temperatures but also very hot weather.
  • Palm trees hate mealybugs and don't like the bayoud, a fungus that causes leaf discoloration and therefore kills the tree.

The date palm in the kitchen for its benefits

Dates are tasted fresh or dry. Dried dates can be eaten as they are, but take care to run them under water to remove the Sugar Syrup with which they are generally coated to retain a certain humidity. Otherwise, soak them for a few hours in water to rehydrate.

Dates go very well with spices : Do not hesitate to mix them in preparations with cinnamon, cardamom, cumin or ginger. With poultry, white meats and lamb, they will give a flavor Sweety salty to your dishes.

Nutritional intake

120 kcal / 100 g for fresh dates and 280 kcal / 100 g for dry dates. Dates are rich in B vitamins, fiber and minerals.

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