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Atlas cedar: essential oils full of virtues

Atlas cedar: essential oils full of virtues

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From its scientific name "cedrus atlanta", the Atlas cedar, which has essential oils with many benefits, is a great tree from the mountain range Atlas (North Africa).

A rustic and decorative tree, the Atlas cedar enjoys a great longevity (between 1000 and 2000 years) and growing very slowly. Whether during the winters cold and snowy or in full drought, it grows easily on deep soils, limestones well drained.

Majestic tree at fragrant wood serving as an ornament in public parks and gardens, the cedar belonging to the family "Pinaceae», Produces a Essential oil renowned for its benefits cosmetics and therapeutic.

Atlas cedar: a bit of history

Word "cedar " come from Latin "Cedrus", itself derived from Greek "Kedros" designating a species of several trees (including juniper, native to the Mediterranean region).

According to some writings, cedar was from theantiquity, dedicated to divinities. The ancients considered it a "symbol of theimmortality »And, the Egyptians - who gave him a divinatory power - used its wood to make sarcophagi and divine statues. The Greeks burned it during bloody rites.

Also revered in Asia, Atlas cedar was used in sanctuaries by Japanese monks, or planted in so-called “sacred” enclosures (China).

Introduced in Europe around 1841 to reforest the slopes of Mont Ventoux, the cedar grove was heard later in Vaucluse, the Cévennes, the Pyrenees and in 1990, in the South of France.

Atlas cedar: benefits and virtues

Not to be confused with the cedar of Lebanon, the Atlas cedar - triangular in shape - measures between 25 and 50 m in height. It is characterized by a broad, conical crown, greyish bark, very spreading branches, green, short, evergreen leaves in the form of needles, grouped in rosettes, triangular winged seeds and cone-shaped fruits.

Besides its ecological attributes, spiritual and artistic, the fame of the cedar has also been made therapeutic.

Atlas Cedar contains various active ingredients, proteins and tannins.

However, theEssential oil aromatic extract extracted from its leaves is renowned for its antifungal actions, astringent, healing, anti seborrheic, diuretic, cough suppressant and antiseptic.
It is also recognized properties lipolytic (elimination of fat), relaxinglymphotonics sudorific, anti dandruff and draining.

Atlas cedar: uuse of essential oils

In aromatherapy, the essential oil of Atlas cedar is indicated to treat cystitis, chronic anxiety, urinary tract infections, certain skin conditions (dermatosis, eczema) and respiratory (cold, flu, cough, bronchitis).

In cosmetic, the vegetable oil of Atlas cedar is effective in the treatment of oily skin, hemorrhoids, acne and greasy hair.

Very fragrant, the essence extracted from this majestic conifer is also indicated in medicine for the treatment of atherosclerosis.

Its resin is also extracted, an effective substance that can repel moths and mosquitoes.

Thevegetable oil of cedar must be diluted to 20% before application and massage of the affected area.

To relieve a wide range of diseases, 1 drop of water diluted in 4 drops of cedarwood essence is sufficient to massage:

  • The feet and spine (ENT),
  • The solar plexus, the soles of the feet and the spine (anxiety, stress ...)
  • a specific area (edema or cellulite) several times a day.

To treat greasy hair due to excess sebum, it is recommended to mix a few drops of cedarwood vegetable oil in your shampoo, and to massage the scalp well after application.

As to urinary disorders, the advice of a therapist is imperative for internal use.

At the risk of exposing them to skin irritations or other neurological disorders, cedarwood essential oil should not be applied pure or in high doses, neither in pregnant women and young children (under 10 years old), nor in an epileptic subject.

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