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Carrot: benefits and virtues

Carrot: benefits and virtues

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The carrot or (Carotta daucus) is a hardy plant from the Apiaceae family. Native to Europe and Asia, the carrot is one of the vegetables the most cultivated in the world, but the one we know today, the orange carrot, is the result of a human intervention on ancient wild bitter and much more fibrous forms.

The carrot offers many health benefits and virtues.

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Carrots and their health benefits

Very popular for its benefits for our skin, sip of vitamins and of minerals, the carrot is also recognized for its manymedicinal properties.

  • Rich in vitamins A and B9, the carrot attenuates theage spots and has an action on the health and youth of the skin. She is bothanti-wrinkle, protective and purifying.
  • These vitamins contained in the carrot also help in the proper functioning of our immune system andreduce fatigue.
  • Thebeta carotene carrot is a powerful antioxidant which delays the effects of aging by neutralizing free radicals. It strengthens resistance to UV, embellishes our complexion and extend the Sun tanning.
  • The consumption of carrots would have protective effects against certaincancers and it is also said that the carrot attenuates the visual disturbances.
  • In children and adults alike, the carrot regulates intestinal functions in case of constipation or from diarrhea. Carrot soup is the perfect meal for infant diarrhea.
  • In poultice (finely grated fresh carrot pulp), the carrot helps to treat skin conditionsand the minor burns.
  • Carrot juice and leaves have properties diuretics. They are recommended against rheumatism, the drop and thearthritis. See :carrot juice recipe
  • Thecarrot seeds have the same virtues aperitifs, digestive, carminative and galactogens than those of fennel and anise. Warning : they are not recommended during the pregnancy.
  • Ideal beauty product : thecarrot pulp mask grated or lotions daily of carrot juice.

Growing carrots for their benefits

  • Carrot needs exposure sunny, a ground fresh, rich and well drained. She loves aEarth sandy and light and a mild and humid climate. The carrot is resistant to weak frosts.
  • Warning, an ambiance too wet leads to the development of a bacterium that causes carrots to rot.
  • It is possible to letin the ground part of your carrot crop, covered with leaves or other organic material. At the very beginning of spring, it will suffice to lift this protection and pick the fresh roots.
  • To plant your potted carrots, choose short varieties (Marché de Paris or Short improved to force) and opt for large planters (30 cm deep) filled with universal soil lightened with a little fine sand.
  • Pay attention to the carrot fly! These small larvae develop inside the roots and cause plants to rot. And the carrot also fears the mildew (in cool and humid summers), thepowdery mildew (if it's too hot), and a multitude of other little beasts (worms, millipedes, weevils, etc.).
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Carrots in the kitchen and its benefits

  • Carrots are eaten floods (grated for example), accompanied by a vinaigrette, or cooked to the steam, in mash potatoes or in soup. Know that once cooked, carrots lose a bit of their Nutritional value.
  • Choose your carrot with a firm root andtops green and fresh, signs that it has been harvested recently. Cut the tops quickly to prevent moisture loss and softening of the vegetable.
  • Store your carrots in the refrigerator in a plastic bag perforated, two weeks maximum.

Nutritional intake

The carrot flood brings on average36 kcal / 100 gand thecooked carrot 28 kcal / 100 g. It is particularly rich in provitamin Avitamins C and B9, and minerals.

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