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Fishing: benefits and virtues

Fishing: benefits and virtues

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The to fish (Prunus persica) is a hardy tree native to the Far East, introduced to Europe by the Greeks, and which has many health benefits and virtues.

This tree grows best in the southern half of France because it fears the cold a little and its flowers are not frost resistant. If carefully cared for, a peach tree can live up to 40 years.

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Peach and its health benefits

  • Fishing is full ofvitamins, offibersfood and D'antioxidants, but to get all the benefits, it is essential to consume them with theskin.
  • Juicy and fragrant, peach is one of the most digestible. When she is cookedeven the most delicate stomachs tolerate it even better.
  • Fresh (or canned) peach is lightly diuretic, laxative and depurative. To benefit from an optimal depurative and diuretic effect, eat your peach on an empty stomach.
  • Source of vitamins C and B and rich in carotene, peach has a good effect on skin health.
  • Source of dietary fiber, the Peach consumed with the skin, warn her constipation, decreases the risk of Colon Cancer, and contributes to the prevention of diseases cardiovascular.
  • Peach leaves and flowers have long been recognized for their sedative virtues.

Cultivate peach for its benefits

  • During his flowering, peach is frost sensitive. The first damage occurs when temperatures reach -2 ° C and from -5 ° C all the flowers are destroyed. If you live in the northern half from France, grow peach trellised against a good wall sunny.

  • Plant it in the fall or early winter in soil airy, permeable and deep. Place chippings at the bottom of the hole to improve the drainage.
  • The only varieties of peach trees capable of growing pot aredwarf varieties.
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Fishing in the kitchen for its benefits

  • Peach is an ideal fruit for quenching thirst and refreshing in hot weather. Eat them as they are, preferably with the skin on to preserve as much antioxidants and fiber as possible, or in a fruit salad.
  • Peaches are delicious too cooked, poached in sugar syrup or wine, compote, in sorbet, on the pies, in cakes or with ice cream.
  • Candied in alcohol, the peach is excellent liquor!
  • Since the peach is still plucked firmly, it will be best if you let it ripen for a few days atambient temperature before being consumed.
  • Cooking: peach-based recipes

Nutritional contributions from fishing

40 kcal / 100 g. Rich in water, fishing is low in calories. It turns out to be correctly dosed in vitamin C, fibers and carotenes, essential for the skin. Peach also contains potassium, of magnesium, of phosphorus and iron in good quantity.

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