Citrus tree, the hand of Buddha

Citrus tree, the hand of Buddha

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The "Hand of Buddha" citron tree is a citrus fruit that gives original fruits and a fragrant bloom.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Citrus medica
Family : Rutaceae
Type : Treefruit tree

: 3 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained

: Persistent -Flowering : January to December -Hardiness : 5°

Here are our tips for planting, pruning and caring for beautiful citron.

Plant a Buddha Hand citron

Planting the Hand of Buddha citron tree is important because it will condition the proper growth of the tree, its flowering and therefore the production of citron.

The Buddha Hand citron tree needs well-drained, rich soil to thrive.

Hand of Buddha in earth citron:

First of all, know that the Hand of Buddha citron tree is not frost resistant and will start to suffer as soon as the temperatures drop below 5 °.

Therefore, reserve the cultivation of the Buddha Hand citron tree in the ground in areas where the mild climate in winter or in winter gardens.

  • Avoid planting the Hand of Buddha citron tree in the middle of summer, when temperatures are high.
  • Pick a locationsunny and sheltered from the wind.
  • Lay a drainage bed at the bottom of the hole with gravel or clay balls.
  • Mix the soil from the garden with special citrus compost or, failing that, special planting.
  • Fill the hole with this mixture then tamp.
  • Water then tamp again.
  • Water regularly for the first 2 years after planting without ever flooding the roots.

Citrus tree in pot:

This is undoubtedly the best way to cultivate the Hand of Buddha lemon tree in our latitudes because it is more suitable for our climate.

  • As for thelemon tree in pot, the Buddha Hand citron will be particularly popular in a pot.
  • It will then be necessary return from October to May in not too heated veranda or greenhouse.
  • Perform arepotting after your purchase and then every 2-3 years in the spring.

Size of the citron tree

The small size of the Hand of Buddha, around 2-3m in adulthood, can normally save you from any pruning.

You can, however, make a few cuts to improve growth, allow the branches to become denser and obtain more fruit.

When to prune the Hand of Buddha:

Pruning takes place preferably in spring, ideally in March, April or May after the citron harvest.

Pruning Buddha's Hand citron:

The size should be reduced to its minimum srict.

Using a well disinfected secateurs, reduce each new shoot in halfapproximately, taking care to cut just above a leaf.

  • Remove suckers that grow in the wrong place, such as on the trunk or axils of branches.
  • Delete the branches that pgrow inward.
  • Delete itdead wood as andpossibly ventilate the interior of the treeto give it light.

Buddha Hand Watering

The Buddha Hand citron does not need special watering, except in hot countries or during droughts.

Never water in excess because the Hand of Buddha citron tree fears flooded lands.

  • The Buddha's Hand citron tree can be seen to need water if its leaves start to soften or sag.
  • Prefer watering with rainwater because it dreads lime if it is too much in your water.

Hand of Buddha in a pot:

The potted Buddha Hand citron does not have the same needs because the soil in a pot dries out much faster.

  • Wateras soon as the ground is dry, without flooding the pot.
  • Preferably water with rain water.
  • Limit watering in winter to the strict minimum (once every 15 days should be sufficient for the needs)

Caring for the Buddha Hand citron

The Buddha Hand citron is a fairly easy-care citrus fruit.

When the planting has been done well, and the watering has been well assimilated, it is a fruit tree that should bring you a lot of satisfaction.

As with all potted plants, the addition of a special regular citrus fertilizer will be necessary to compensate for the natural depletion of the potting soil where you planted it.

Important: The hand of Buddha citron tree isnot a houseplant and therefore will not be able to bear to stay in a heated room all year round, especially in winter.

  • If you want a citrus fruit that supports indoor growing well in summer and winter, choosethe calamondin.

Diseases of the Hand of Buddha

As for the lemon, the Buddha Hand citron suffers from much of the same illnesses.

Fruit rot, aphids or even cochineal, the Buddha Hand citron can suffer from many diseases and parasites.

  • Moniliosis : the citron rot on the citron tree.
  • Cochineal : a whitish cluster invades the foliage.
  • Aphids : The leaves curl and eventually fall.

Smart tip

Pick the citronas soon as they come off easily of the citron tree.

Video: Buddhas Hand Citrus plants (July 2022).


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