Swimming pool and garden: layout, price, location

Swimming pool and garden: layout, price, location

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Swimming pool and garden: two words that make you dream! Color, size, location, price ... Not easy to navigate.

All our tips for finally getting into the water!

The right location

First of all, you must determine where you will install your pool. From this choice will result the size, shape, color ... Avoid placing your water point under large trees, as you may have to spend your time removing leaves, fruits and other plant debris.

Either the ground is already flat, or it will be necessary to carry out some work of modeling of the ground. Consider opting for a location that is sunny and away from prying eyes.

To do this, do not hesitate to mount a wall or a fencing in order to enjoy your pool in peace.

Big or small pool?

It depends on the size of your garden! However, just because you have a large garden doesn't mean you have to install an Olympic-size swimming pool. Small swimming pools are on the rise because they fit into all spaces, even very small city gardens.

Uses are changing: we abandon bombs and other dives for moments of spa-style relaxation. Some small pools are equipped with the counter-current function. Thanks to the current generated, it is possible to swim without ever having to turn around.

The different types of swimming pools

Everyone knows the rectangular inground pool with a turquoise line. However, there are other options available!

The swimming lane is used more and more in small suburban gardens. Narrow, it leaves room for the terrace, flower beds and a lawn. Do-it-yourselfers will benefit from a kit pool which also has the advantage of being less expensive since you create it from A to Z.

For sloping grounds, the semi-inground swimming pool is recommended in order to compensate for the inclinations of the relief. There are also above-ground pools which do not require field work, but which often include a covering with a material such as wood, to make it more aesthetic. Finally, the natural swimming pool made up of filtering basins takes on shapes that are sometimes curved, sometimes straight.

Develop the surroundings

It is important to take care of the surroundings of the pond so that it does not just sit in the middle of the garden.

For this, we rely on plants! By lining the edges of the swimming pool, you provide a little privacy and decorate your water point. Instead, choose grasses and evergreen plants, this will prevent you from dirtying the bathing water with leaves, flowers and fruits blown by the wind.

Think of Phormium, some varieties tolerate down to -10 ° C. Provence cane, sedges, fescue and Japanese grass, are grasses that will not bother you with floral spikes. Dwarf conifers add volume and are decorative all year round. They also don't risk letting their needles get lost in the water. For impeccable results, integrate your pool into your terrace using the same material right up to the edge of the pool.

Liner, tile or concrete?

The color of the pool will depend on the coating of the pool. The trend is no longer for turquoise blue imitating the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean. Instead, we focus on darker blues and greens. The concrete structure is then covered with plaster, a membrane, a laminated polyester or a liner. These materials offer many colors from the most original to the most classic.

The color of the water will be influenced by the sky, the light blue of which is added to the hue of the coating. Sky blue water will actually have a white liner. A gray coating will create a more intense blue. For greenish water, a yellow color is needed for the coating.

You can also go for tiling. Sometimes small and square for an exotic mosaic effect. Sometimes wide, rectangular in porcelain stoneware for a more contemporary style.

What is the price of a swimming pool?

The prices fall into a very wide range. It all depends on the type of pool chosen: above ground, underground, mini pool? Are you going to build it or a professional? Here is an approximate idea of ​​the price according to your choices:

  • Inground pool: From € 10,000 and up to € 70,000
  • Pool kit to assemble yourself: between € 5,000 and € 15,000
  • Above-ground pool: from € 3,000 for small entry-level

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