Natural and organic weedkiller: it is possible!

Natural and organic weedkiller: it is possible!

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Weed control has always been the source of an eternal question: how to remove weeds without polluting the earth and our environment?

Can we weed effectively and naturally without using a herbicide that is harmful to our health and that of our plants?

There are many ways to do this today without using chemicals!

Mulching as a weedkiller

The new wave of mulching, the many colors and materials offered make it possible to aesthetic touch to his garden while addressing the weed problem.

Mulching can be of plant origin such as pine bark, flax, hemp, poplar bark or even cocoa hulls or of mineral origin, such as pozzolana, the shale, theslate or crushed tiles.

  • The advantage is to create an opaque layer between the earth and the air which limits the growth of weeds.
  • It is perfect for shrub beds, perennials, for the vegetable garden or for your containers and planters
  • Mulching is durable over time for mineral mulch
  • It must be renewed every 2 to 3 years for the plant mulch
  • Vegetable mulch at the same time allows you to sustainably nourish your soil
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Boiling water as a weedkiller

When cooking your pasta or potatoes, don't put boiling water in the sink, use it as a natural weedkiller.

  • By pouring boiling water on "weeds" you have a destructive effect on them.
  • This method is only applicable on slabs, paving stones and terraces because, on the lawn, it will also destroy the grass.

Pull weeds by hand

The most natural and environmentally friendly method is undoubtedly manual lifting.

You can use a knife to remove the entire root.

There are some very effective tools to help you with hand pulling, they are also guaranteed to remove the underground part of the weed.

Finally, note that most of the so-called "weeds" are actually very useful and sometimes even edible like dandelions.

This is an opportunity to use them in salads or to make dandelion jelly, for example.

Thermal weed control

Although using gas, we can consider that the thermal weed control is much cleaner than using chemical herbicides.

By superficially heating the aerial parts of weeds, we kill the plant. We brush the weed with the flame which causes a fatal thermal shock.

This system is one of the last born of the manual weeding and should have a bright future ahead of it as its advantages are numerous.

  • Besides the need to be equipped and therefore the initial cost, this method remains one of the cheapest in the long term.
  • Weeding terraces, walkways and walls is certainly the cleanest and fastest
  • Not suitable for weeding wooden decks
  • The technique consists of passing the flame for 1 to 2 seconds over the weeds
  • The effect is not immediate and a second pass may be necessary after 10 days

The geotextile film

The geotextile film is an effective means of controlling the proliferation of weeds.

Widely used by communities for the creation of shrub and plant beds, it is ecological for biodegradable materials like coir or burlap, practical and durable.

All you have to do is spread the film on the ground and pierce it where you want to plant to be quiet for a few years.

  • In addition to the price a little high at the start, it remains economical because very durable over time
  • Easy to use, it also allows rain or water to pass through
  • Less aesthetic than traditional mulching, you can nevertheless play with the colors

Tiller and hoeing as a weedkiller

The tiller, whether electric or thermal, remains a effective way to control weeds.

Even if the heat engine is less ecological, it still avoids the use of chemicals.

So if you are a staunch green and "to the end", prefer it manual weeding with the help of'a hoe. Without a doubt, this is the best way to get rid of weeds without affecting our environment!

  • Note that the tiller is the ideal system for large areas, especially for the vegetable garden.
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