Maintenance-free plants for the outdoors

Maintenance-free plants for the outdoors

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We want to use the garden to relax, have fun or entertain. But rare are those who enjoy the chore of weeding, watering or pruning!

Discover a selection of maintenance-free plants to have a good time in the garden.

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Ground cover plants

Under the sun :

Ground cover plants dress embankments, large spaces, the feet of trees ... They quickly take up space requiring virtually no care.

To do this, you must choose them according to the exposure and your type of soil. In full sun and dry terrain, you can use yarrow like the Moonshine ’variety. It rises to 50cm high and spans 40cm. By installing several plants, you cover several m2 yellow flowers in corymbs from June to September.

His only requirement? Cut down all the vegetation at the end of the season! With pruning shears, all you need to do is cut all the stems flush and it will start again the following spring.

In the shade :

In the shade, focus on the bluish flowers of the perennial Geranium 'Rozanne'. It forms rugs 30cm high and 50cm wide.

Its small, single blue and white flowers appear between June and October. They take place on a tender green deciduous foliage forming small green cushions. Easy to grow, this geranium appreciates rich, cool and drained soil, even if it withstands heavy soil and cold down to -16 ° C.

This variety does not go to seed so it is not invasive. After planting in dry weather, a little watering will be necessary. Otherwise, no maintenance to be expected!

Perennials and grasses for maintenance-free beds

Perennials and grasses combine in favor of flexible and modern beds. It's an association that always works!


With its hint of lavender, agastache offers beautiful flowering spikes in purple, pink, orange, red or white, depending on the variety. In a drained substrate and in the sun, agastache does not require maintenance! You can even leave its pretty inflorescences when dry, they remain decorative.

In a shaded bed, think of heuches, which require fresh, rich soil. All you have to do is give it a mulch that will keep the soil cool. In the fall or in the spring once a year, when renewing it, consider adding a few handfuls of compost under the mulch layer. Otherwise, no care is needed for this shade plant.


Accompany the euchere with a sedge! This grass, which is not really one, forms small green tufts, more or less bluish, bronze or streaked. Once in place in dry soil, the sedge does not require any care. In the sun or partial shade, plant miscanthus.

These large grasses offer long, flexible stems topped by feathery floral spikes in summer. The only care they require is to cut back the whole plant at the end of winter.

Maintenance free edging plants

In the garden, the border is used to delimit the beds and the paths. Composed of plants or materials (wood, steel slats, etc.), it draws a line which gives the end point of your garden.

Under the sun :

In dry soils and in climates with mild winters, the santolina forms rounded silvery cushions. From June to September, it is adorned with small round yellow flowers. Planted in rows, the santolines plants then form a soft border for your country beds. It will only be enough to water them the first year during the beautiful season.

No maintenance is expected. Once a year, however, you can shorten the tuft a bit to prevent it from losing hair at the bottom and keeping a rounded shape.

Partial shade and shade:

In the sun or in partial shade, fescue can be used as a border. Forming small green, gray or bluish tufts, the fescue ranges from 10cm to 1m high. It requires almost no maintenance other than watering the first summer. Place it in drained soil.

In the shade ? Think of ferns like Dryopteris. Measuring 60cm in height, Dryopteris lepidopoda offers persistent fronds initially orange then shiny green.

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