A flowering planter in spring

A flowering planter in spring

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What flowers to plant in a spring planter? Perennials, bulbs and annuals combine in colorful pot favors.

Discover our selection of flowering plants from March to June to adorn the garden, the terrace or the balcony!

Perennial and aromatic planter

Why not mix perennial flowers and aromatics? You combine the useful with the pleasant and you can combine delicious leaves with colorful blooms.

To announce spring, nothing like the primrose! From March, she opens beautiful small single creamy yellow flowers with a golden heart.

Pair it with intense foliage like purple basil. It resembles green basil in every way except that it has a dark red, slightly purplish color.

In terms of flavor, it is reminiscent of cinnamon, anise and mint! In the sun, we prefer aromatics such as thyme and rosemary, which support a dry, light, even poor substrate well.

We accompany them with an aubriète. Blue, pink, purple or white, its small flowers appear from April to June.

Annuals and dwarf conifers

We think outside the box with an original planter that mixes traditional annuals and small conifers.

Indeed, if the conifers rather evoke large trees, there are very small dwarf varieties, which slip easily into a pot. This is the case with the dwarf Korean fir! Measuring 30cm high and wide, it forms a small compact ball, lined with dark green needles, lighter on the front. In spring, its pink buds make it very decorative.

We accompany it with annual flowers whose lightness contrasts with the intensity of the foliage. Forget-me-nots, in bloom from April, offer shades ranging from blue to pink, including purple.

In a more rustic style, we put on the crepid and its white flowers resembling daisies.

A spring planter in the shade

What about the shade planter? Who says shadow does not mean without flowers! The Caucasian forget-me-not will be ideal because it offers small blue flowers from April to May and beautiful ribbed, tender green, heart-shaped leaves. It thrives in the shade, in cool, fairly rich soil. It will gladly be accompanied by perennials with decorative foliage such as ferns, hostas or heuches.

Cultivation in a planter induces a substrate that dries faster! As these essences love fresh soil, they should be watered regularly, while taking care to empty the saucer between each addition of water.

To add some color to the ensemble, consider the pink cyclamen coum which blooms from January to April. Its small, bright pink flowers pair perfectly with purple heucher varieties.

A spring planter in the sun

In the sun, we put on plants that support a dry substrate well so as not to have to water every two days. This is the case of the garden auricle, a variety of primrose forming rosettes of thick green-gray leaves that would appear almost succulent.

In spring, at the end of erect stems stand flowers with rounded petals. The color varies depending on the variety and is sometimes two-tone. Consider planting bulbs in the fall that will bloom the following spring: hyacinths, tulips, daffodils or even grape hyacinths.

Some annuals bloom early, such as daisies or pansies. To illuminate the end of spring, bet on suspensions garnished with red or pink geraniums that remain timeless.

To change a little, choose a white geranium like the ivy geranium 'Blanche Roche' and its immaculate white-pink double bloom!

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