Fruit trees to care for

Fruit trees to care for

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In autumn and winter, various treatments eliminate pests and fungi from fruit trees, to limit the risk of disease in spring.

Fruit trees to care for

Peach trees, cherry trees, apple trees ... These trees that are so appreciated in the garden for their beautiful silhouette and their fruit production are fragile! Insects, parasites and fungi can ruin a good harvest.

To limit the risk of attacks, several actions are necessary. In autumn, collect the dead leaves under the trees: they will be useful in compost or in the form of mulch in the vegetable garden.

Drop and collect the last mummified fruits, potential nests for bacteria. Cut off dead branches, then brush your tree trunks with an iron brush to remove moss, dead bark and lichens that attract pests.

If the tree has cut wounds, apply a Norwegian tar type healing agent.

Fall and winter treatments

Different treatments can destroy parasite larvae and fungi that nest under the bark, waiting to wake up in the spring.

The best known is Bordeaux mixture, a mixture of copper sulphate and lime which helps fight against fungal diseases: scab, blister, mildew, bacterial canker ... Spray it all over the tree, from top to bottom, autumn, after leaf fall, then in February, before bud burst.

Another proven option is whitewash, which colors tree trunks white. Applied every two years with a brush in the middle of winter, it kills parasites and fungi. You will find it on the market as a ready-made mixture under the name arboreal white.

Be careful when applying: these treatments are corrosive, good protection is essential. Cover your body and face completely. The choice of the day of treatment is also important. Ban the days of frost, wind and great heat. Also check the weather forecast for the following days: if it rains, the trees will be washed away and the treatment will be useless.

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