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Weeds full of virtues

Weeds full of virtues

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They bear their name badly! Most of the “weeds” are plants with many qualities, which you can especially enjoy at the table.

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Edible weeds

Most weeds - another name for weeds - are not poisonous, quite the contrary!

Their leaves are often richer in nutrients than cultivated vegetables.

Those of thenettle are thus three times richer in iron than spinach.

Sources of protein, vitamins and minerals, rich in various flavors, they enrich everyday dishes.

Taste egopod, plantain, lamb's quarters, milk thistle or black mustard!

Not to mention plants whose flowers, such as mallow, can add color to salads.

Weeds in the kitchen

The leaves are generally cooked like spinach in soup, gratins, quiches, flans or savory pies.

The young grow can be eaten in salads.

Finally, a large number of weeds have medicinal properties, and can be used externally or internally to treat everyday ailments.

To know how to recognize species, it is important to refer to a specialized book.

You can also take training in wild harvesting, ask the associations in your department.

Let the weeds live

Gone are the days when we eradicated these unwanted people with heavy herbicides. Well-informed gardeners now want to live in peace with weeds. On bare ground, these play a role of ground cover since they protect, aerate and nourish the soil, thanks in particular to their roots which seek nutrients in depth.

In the vegetable garden, weeds must obviously be controlled. They can thus be pulled out and put in compost during the sowing period, so that they do not compete with the growth of cultivated plants. But once they mature, they will be able to cohabit to some extent, especially if consumed, which is a great way to limit their expansion.

To read : The good weeds, by François Couplan, published by Sang de la Terre.

François Couplan also offers courses in the discovery of edible and medicinal plants, more information on

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