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Fig tree: an elegant and productive tree

Fig tree: an elegant and productive tree

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The fig tree is a beautiful fruit tree, with original foliage and delicious figs.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Ficus carica
Family : Moraceae
Type : Tree fruit tree

Height : 5 to 10 m
: Sunny
: ordinary
: Obsolete

: May to September -Harvesting figs : Summer

Planting, maintenance and pruning will play an important role in the quality of the fig harvest.

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Fig tree planting

It is recommended plant your fig tree in the month of March April or in autumn.

A place sheltered from the wind and sunny will be perfect for your fruit tree, which is very easy to grow.

They say that the fig tree likes to have its feet in the water and its head in the sun because the soil must be cool to have good growth.

  • A sunny and warm situation is almost necessary to have figs
  • The proximity of a wall is appreciated if the climate in your region is cold in winter
  • Fig tree fear too windy situations

Fig tree pruning

The pruning of the fig tree can be straightforward.

By pruning your fig tree, you will accelerate its growth and improve the productivity of figs.

  • Choose a size In early spring during the rise of sap.
  • Figs develop on yearlings and year-olds.
  • In April, it is therefore recommended to pinch the young twigs, that is, to cut off the end with your fingernails.
  • For fig trees that are already well formed, use pruning shears and cut off the shoots of the year above the 2nd eye.

Fig tree that does not give figs

This question comes up often, on the forum in particular, and often causes great confusion among gardeners who do not see any fig on their fig tree.

In fact the fig tree is one of those fruit trees that needs a good period of rooting before the first figs appear.

So there is not much you can do except wait for your fig tree to take root.

  • Regular watering during the first 2 years after planting is necessary for the fig tree

Figs that do not ripen

It frequently happens that figs do not ripen on the fig tree.

After their appearance, they grow a few centimeters then fall before ripening totally.

The reason is often quite simple:

  • The fig tree lacks sunlight when it needs it most, that is, during the ripening of the figs.
  • The fig tree does not yet have enough roots to get the elements it needs from the soil. You have to be patient or fertilize the soil from the start of spring.
  • The fig tree is not well where you put it, maybe because it is too windy or not hot enough. You can then consider moving it if it is not too big.

Species and varieties of figs

From uniform varieties (which produce fruit once a year), we find:

  • "Violette de Sollies" : variety of figs with red flesh.
  • " Parisian " : variety of slate blue figs, with large, flat fruits.
  • "Blanquette" : variety of figs with pink flesh.

From biferous varieties (which produce fruits twice a year), we distinguish:

  • " Drop of gold " : variety of figs with large golden fruits and very abundant production.
  • "Blanche d´Argenteuil" : variety of fig perfect for the north of Valencia.
  • "La Caromb" : variety of elongated fig.

To know about the fig tree

The fig tree, or ficus carica, enchanted by the beauty of its antlers and the quality of the fruit it offers.

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful fruit trees, also renowned for the quality of its fruit.

The dark green of its foliage, the shape and size of its leaves will also make it a formidable shadow corner during the summer heat.

It is rustic and adapts to most soils, so you will have no trouble growing it and, in some time, harvest wonderful figs !

Smart tip

The fig tree is layering easily, choose a beautiful branch and do your own layering!

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