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Cordyline: a note of exoticism in the garden

Cordyline: a note of exoticism in the garden

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Cordyline is a very pretty plant with an exotic look worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cordyline australis
Family : Agavaceae
Type : Exotic plant

: 3 to 5 m
Exposure : Very bright
Ground : Lightweight, well drained

Foliage : Persistent

Find all of our maintenance tips for having a great cordyline:

Cordyline plantation

First of all, cordyline is not suitable for all climates. It mainly fears the cold when temperatures drop below -10 ° and humidity when combined with severe frost.

We can say that the hardiness of cordyline is medium and that it will find its place in the earth in the regions south of the Loire.

Properly planting the cordyline:

Usually cordyline crashes in the fall or in the springespecially in areas where winters can be quite cold.

Choose a good place sunny and rather sheltered from strong winds.

Preparation for planting is important because it is what will condition the good growth of your cordyline.

  • Make a hole at least 1.5 to 2 times the size of the container you bought it in
  • Bring river sand to the bottom of the hole to ensure good drainage
  • Fill with a mixture of garden soil and potting soil
  • Place your cordyline so that the lowest point is slightly higher than the ground (this prevents water from stagnating at the foot of the cordyline)

Regular but measured watering from the first heat is essential the first year after planting.

Cordyline maintenance

Spring and summer watering:

Usually this is the period when cordyline is growing.

In case of drought or very hot weather, water regularly without ever flooding the foot because cordyline does not like excess water.

Watering must therefore be regular but measured so as not to suffocate the roots of the plant.
We can say that watering every 2 to 3 days is often sufficient.

In the spring, you can bring him somegranular fertilizer that you will put on the cordyline and possibly repeat the operation during the summer.

Cordyline Size:

You can choose to leave it idle, it should naturally shed its bottom leaves and form new shoots at the base.

On the other hand, if you don't want to keep the leaves drying out, remove them as you go.

You can also keep only 2, 3 or even 4 trunks and remove the new shoots at the base as you go.

Good to know : Avoid cutting the head of the cordyline at all costs.

Cordyline flower:

The flower that cordyline produces, usually in the spring, tends to deplete the plant.

It is therefore best to cut it off when it appears because it will not benefit your cordyline.

You can also get started with a cordyline seedling from the seeds taken from the flower.

Cordyline leaves that turn yellow

What to do if the leaves of cordyline turn yellow?

If cordyline keeps making new leaves, this is natural evolution. These plants, even when they are evergreen, lose their leaves to renew them.

  • You can leave them to dry on your Cordyline, they will fall off on their own, or cut them as you go.
  • If no new growth appears and your cordyline is looking gray, pay attention to watering and drainage, and optionally add liquid palm fertilizer to the plant every two weeks.

What to do when the leaves turn brown and turn brown?

This phenomenon usually occurs in summer when the plant is low on water.

Usually the tips of the leaves dry out first and this is the first indicator that the cordyline needs watering.

To know about cordyline

Cordyline is a very beautiful plant that will give touch of exoticism to your garden. At the edge of a terrace, a swimming pool or even a potted cordyline give the garden a postcard feel.

At the same time aesthetic, relatively resistant and quiteeasy to grow, cordyline is one of the most popular and best-selling exotic plants today

If his foliage is decorative, we also really appreciate his superb trunk which becomes bald as it grows. (Photo © miles5)

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