Kiwis in the garden: how to grow them

Kiwis in the garden: how to grow them

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If you love kiwis, so rich in vitamin C, then don't wait any longer to grow them in the garden! The amount of fruit produced by actinidia, this liana-like shrub, will amaze you.

Native to the forests of central China, theactinidia is not only easy to grow, but also very productive, vigorous and not very susceptible to diseases. It is so hardy that it withstands winter temperatures down to -20 °.

Plant it in a sheltered location, preferably with an eastern or south-eastern exposure. Actinidia thrives in low wind and humidity, so avoid too sunny. It's a dioecious plant : the male flowers are carried on a different foot than the female flowers. Two plants (one male and one female) are sufficient for the needs of a family. The presence of bees is essential in the spring to pollinate the flowers of the female foot which will produce the fruits.

Plant the kiwis in an arbor

Prefer a deep and cool soil, rich in humus, avoiding a calcareous soil which can cause chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves and slowing of growth).

To garnish an arbor with your two plants, plan it large and high enough (2.50 m high): the plant needs ease. Equip it with a support resistant to lush vegetation.

Actinidia is easy to multiply by layering. For this, a long shoot of the year must be buried in June about twenty centimeters. Separated from the mother plant the following spring, it is ready to be transplanted into an arbor.

Kiwi, essential size

Plant your actinidias at the end of winter (early February), bring 3 to 4 shovelfuls of compost ripe in the hole and provide a solid stake on the pergola.

Know that your plant, which looks so puny, will surprise you with its growth rate and especially by its vigor. For this reason, contain your plantation with a regular size. In the summer, shorten the fruit twigs and in the winter, remove the older twigs.

After 4-5 years, you can enjoy the fruits of your plantation.

Here are our video tips for cutting a kiwi fruit:

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Video: Summer Kiwi Pruning 2 (August 2022).