Terrace and garden: tips for maintaining them

Terrace and garden: tips for maintaining them

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The beautiful days are coming and it is time to put your nose outside. You abandoned your exterior this winter. Give it a little time to make it look good again!

There is no need to arm yourself with multiple products to act in your garden. You can do a lot with three times nothing. The trick is to know some tips and recipes that will make your daily life easier. The Galipoli brand, dedicated to natural DIY cleaning products, delivers some of them to you ...

Clever ... terrace renovation

Stop the foam : To remove moss from decks and outdoor furniture, dilute 3 tablespoons of baking soda in 1 liter of lukewarm water then scrub with a brush and broom and rinse well.

Whitewash the slab terraces : For tiled terraces, make a powder with 1 tablespoon of percarbonate of soda (or 2 tablespoons of citric acid) and a tablespoon of soda crystals. Sprinkle the mixture on the tiles to be bleached, dip the brush in water and brush the tiles and seams. Rinse well, especially limestone slabs.

Weed your yard : You have the choice between baking soda and cooking water. In the first case, sprinkle the weeds to be treated with baking soda and then add a little water with a watering can. In the second case, use the hot cooking water for pasta, potatoes, etc. and pour onto the areas to be treated.

Strip rust marks : Dissolve citric acid and fine salt in a little water. Cover the stain, leave to act for at least an hour, rub gently and then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Make your fire lighters : With 4 sheets of paper towel, make a wick. Roll the 4 leaves together then dip each end in cooking oil.

Natural recipes ...

Natural bleach : This product is an additional stain remover and whitener, but you can also use it for the local treatment of moss and mold. Pour 3 tablespoons of percarbonate of soda, add 500 ml of lukewarm water then 15 drops of essential oil (the thyme, the lavender or the cinnamon are recommended for better disinfection). Warning: a slight effervescent reaction may appear, leave the bottle open at least 48 hours after manufacture.

Treatment anti-aphids : Mix 5 tablespoons of black soap in a quart of lukewarm water. Once the soap has completely dissolved, spray on the plants to be treated. Don't forget the reverse side of the sheets. The operation can be repeated once or twice, if necessary.

Degreaser spray : This product will be useful for any surface to be cleaned as multi-purpose (garden furniture, windows, outdoor games ...). Pour in 180 ml of white vinegar, add 300 ml of water then 5 ml of natural foam and, finally, 15 drops of essential oil (citrus fruits are recommended for better degreasing). And if you add a few drops of African essential oil, you will repel mosquitoes and flies that don't like the smell!

Furniture dust remover : This product is perfect for sobering up and refurbishing wood damaged by bad weather (terrace, barriers, garden furniture, etc.). It is to be applied with a cloth. Pour 300 ml of white vinegar, add 200 ml of olive oil, 15 drops of essential oil and close your bottle.

For all of these recipes, stick to the dosages and test on an inconspicuous area first.

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