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Heather: colors from summer to winter

Heather: colors from summer to winter

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Heather is a pretty perennial plant that colors beds in summer through autumn and in winter depending on the species.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Erica & Calluna
Family : Ericaceae
Type : Heather land plant

: 15 to 150 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Heathland

: Persistent
Flowering : Summer to winter depending on species

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Heather planting

Planting heather is important because it is a plant that appreciates acidic soils and should be planted in heather soil or, possibly, "so-called" heather soil.

The "so-called" heather earth is not strictly speaking natural heather earth but has all its characteristics.

There are 2 types of heather, erica and calluna but both have very similar characteristics which deserve to give it the same care when planting.

  • Heather appreciates particularly situations sunny
  • She likes them well-drained soils and therefore fear excessively humid environments where water tends to stagnate.

Follow our advice for to plant a heather earth plant well.

When planting your heather, consider the desired flowering season and time, calluna for summer / fall and erica for fall / winter.

Maintenance of heather

Heather are easy plants which, once properly established, deserve a minimum of care and maintenance.

Heather can grow without being pruned.

But over the years the plant must be rebalanced to keep a nice shape.

  • It is then necessary to prune lightly in spring without cutting the old wood which is not budding.
  • Cut just below the floral stems, giving your heather a nice shape

Heather does not like drought and should be watered in hot weather, rather in the evening to avoid evaporation during the day.

To save 1 in 2 watering, mulch the base of the plants with maritime pine bark.

To know about heather

Although they are easily confused with heathererica and calluna have a difference since they are 2 different species.

They also have different flowering times.

  • For your winter pots, choose Erica.
  • For your summer hotpots, choose the Calluna species.

Heather soil plants are generally quite hardy and require very little maintenance.

However, be sure to follow the planting advice and avoid calcareous soils.

You can plant it on the edge, in rockery but also in beds with other heather earth plants such as rhododendron, the camellia or theazalea.

The carpet effect of the heather is guaranteed.

Smart tip

The contribution of a special fertilizer for heather earth plant dramatically improves flowering.

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