Dandelion: not just a weed

Dandelion: not just a weed

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The dandelion is by far the most famous of the country flowers of our temperate regions.

We can enjoy it throughout the season from March to November, but let's face it, April is by far the most beautiful.

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Who does not know, perhaps even at the bottom of their garden, the magical spectacle of pastures dotted with thousands of blooming dandelions?

What mom, what dad didn't receive an adorable bouquet of dandelions as a gift from her children, on Mother's Day or Father's Day?

Let’s take the time to admire these bright yellow flowers on which our friends the bees come to forage as soon as they leave the hive after the long winter months.

The reproduction of the dandelion

The dandelion is sown naturally in the open air, sometimes to the great despair of overly perfectionist gardeners, but let's leave its admirable fragrant bouquets the time of their first flowering!

When the April flowering is over, it will still be possible to cut them back by lightly weeding the surface, which will not compromise the flowering of the following spring.

Dandelion can also delight you at your table

Very early in the season, local markets offer dandelion leaves for our salads.
They can be picked from the lawns of our gardens as early as March, but after that date their bitter taste takes away much interest.

Sometimes it takes a lot of observation to spot them, because you really have to pick them as soon as they appear.

  • cut them off at the birth of the root,

  • wash them thoroughly….

  • prepare them in a salad with shallots, small cubes of Conté and a very soft vinaigrette.

Dandelion jelly, delicious and original

Dandelion "jelly" can even satisfy children's taste buds on their breakfast toast.

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Without being too bulky your dandelions will then become your friends ...

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