Coronavirus and our pets

Coronavirus and our pets

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Many owners are wondering about their pets and the coronavirus pandemic that is turning everyone's life upside down.

We share with you theinformation known to date.

Coronavirus, dog, cat and pets

No transmission from animals to humans

According to Chinese virologists and different studies, there is no evidence that our pets can transmit Covid-19 to us or be infected.

Animals have their own strain of virus transmitted through their feces and body fluids.

  • Beta coronavirus for dogs.
  • Alpha coronavirus for cats.

Did you know ?

The dog tested positive for Covid-19 in Hong Kong was living with an infected person.

Residues were found in his nostrils, as he had breathed in the postilions of his sick owner. In no case was he a carrier of the disease.

Precautions to take

In case of suspicion or contamination with the coronavirus, certain measures should be taken, as the body is very weak.

  • Don't let your pet lick you, their mouths are full of bad bacteria.
  • Do not pick up his droppings without wearing gloves.
  • Cover urine with sand or rinse it with water.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Pass someone through for your dog's hygienic outings to avoid transmitting the disease.

Opening of animal structures

Opening of veterinarians:

Veterinary surgeries and emergencies remain open by observing a protection protocol.

  • Wait for someone to come and pick you up outside, keeping a safe distance from other people.
  • Return alone with your pet directly to the examination room.
  • Will not be the hand of the staff, keep a distance of at least 1 meter.
  • Limit contact with furniture.
  • Postpone an appointment if it is not necessary.

Opening of animal facilities:

Pet stores remain opento ensure the well-being of our animals

  • To limit travel, consider ordering croquettes, cleaning products or accessories on the Internet.

Closure of most kennels and boarding houses:

Some structures can accept animals in the event of force majeure (hospitalized owner, etc.) with all customary precautions.

SPAs and animal shelters are closed.

Are dogs allowed outings?

According to government guidelines and on the Italian and Spanish model, dogs are allowed outings with due regard to customary precautions and sparingly.

  • Each owner must be in possession of a certificate of derogatory declaration downloadable from the website of the Minister of the Interior to justify the release of his dog (and his other movements).
  • If you cannot print it, you can write it on plain paper.
  • In the absence of this document, a fine of 38 euros and then 135 euros may be applied.

Smart advice

  • Take advantage of their presence, which is beneficial for keeping morale up.

Follow the instructions which are simple.


“There is a time when, as we all know (…) an epidemic is inexorable anyway. "

Emmanuel Macron


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