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Tea: benefits and virtues

Tea: benefits and virtues

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The tea plant, also called green tea or camellia sinensis is cultivated for its leaves which will give our delicious tea infusions.

Tea offers many health benefits and virtues.

The tea plant is native to Southeast Asia and belongs to the Theaceae family.

Tea and its health benefits

Tea leaves can be fermented or unfermented. When they are not, they are used to treat certain health problems such as being overweight or water retention.

Tea is well known for its many benefits and virtues for health, thanks to very interesting medicinal properties.

  • Indeed, tea is a good stimulant of the central nervous system. It increases intellectual activity and increases the level of vigilance.
  • It also promotes the reduction or stopping of migraines and the headaches that sometimes accompany intellectual concentration.
  • Not only the tea aids digestion but he speeds it upeven if you have eaten a heavy and fatty dish. This is probably why we talk about the lightness of Chinese dishes.
  • We also know well the diuretic effect tea on the kidney.
  • Tea also has a beneficial effect on the cardio-respiratory system.
  • Tea is also recognized for its beneficial action against the badcholesterol.
  • The green tea put an end to mild diarrhea.
  • Finally, and probably you already know, tea is a excellent antioxidant. It allows tofight against cellular aging.

Did you know ?

> Use

In infusion, it seems obvious.

> External use:

- You have pockets under the eyes ? Of dark circles? Tea is excellent for making them disappear, soak in compresses.

- You have eyes swollen and blushed after having cried? These same compresses, placed alternately hot or cold, will significantly relieve your eyes.

- The tea lotion also allows tanned skin to prolong the tan holidays.

- Finally, tea has long been used for tincture

Growing tea for its benefits

Tea needs a situation frost free wellsunny. It will thrive in a rich, deep, and rather acidic soil but above all well drained.

Tip: The tea tree, camellia sinensis also makes a very beautiful indoor bonsai. If this tempts you, do not deprive yourself, just think about wintering between 10 and 15 ° C.

Grow tea in pots?

In 30 cm pot, tea behaves wonderfully! Excellent performance in unheated winter veranda but frost free.

Beware of little animals!

Among the sworn enemies of the tea plant are the aphids, the mealybugs, the otiorhync (beetle insects) or the sooty mold (mushroom)

Species and varieties of tea

If the species is always the same, it is the terroir that gives the tea its quality. The other camellias are decorative and ornamental

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