Wellesley landscape design

Wellesley landscape design

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Wellesley landscape design


It’s a simple fact, that not all landscapes are created equal. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t contain the same five basic elements that will bring a landscape to life. Landscape lighting makes an ideal addition to this basic system.

The best landscape lighting doesn’t stand alone, but is always part of a larger lighting system that contains it. It will create the necessary aesthetic and visual qualities that make it more attractive. It’ll also allow it to better serve its purpose.


1. Aesthetics

The most important component of any landscape is its design. Whether you have a small urban property or a large natural property that’s been developed, you’ll need to take the look of your landscape into consideration.

You need a landscape lighting system that’s well-designed. It should be a part of a larger system that will take full advantage of its qualities.

It’s worth it to consider lighting that will last, since the most energy-efficient LEDs are on the horizon. This would be a good step forward in terms of sustainability, with LED lighting being so low-maintenance.

2. Function

The second most important aspect is that it serves the function of what you are after. This is important for a couple reasons.

For one, you don’t want a landscape lighting system that doesn’t perform its function. If you’re after a functional, utilitarian landscape, then you should have a lighting system that matches its aesthetic.

A landscape that’s well-lit is much more inviting. It encourages people to wander through it, and have fun. It’s also much easier to navigate.

It also makes it a lot easier to use. When you can see where you’re going, it makes it much easier to use.

Lastly, a landscape that is functional will serve you much better for the long-term. It will be far easier to maintain, and if there’s a problem that requires attention, you’ll know it much easier when you see the problem.

3. Location

As we discussed above, the location is crucial. When it comes to setting up a landscape lighting system, this is especially true.

The best areas to set up landscape lighting are in the most visible areas, such as the borders of paths, walks, and decks.

These are the areas that most people pass through, and they’re often the most visited. It’s also the most important area to set up lights.

As mentioned before, it’s important to think about the function, the aesthetic, and the location. This is because if you set it up poorly, it may not be the most efficient or functional.

On the other hand, if you set it up in an area where no one passes, it’s less likely to serve any functional purpose.

In fact, there is nothing more useless than to put lights into the middle of a garden, or the area of a front yard where you know no one is going to pass through.

4. Visibility

One thing that landscape lighting can help with is to help make your yard and garden look more appealing, beautiful, and inviting.

Most people look out from the kitchen window when they see the garden. When you have landscape lighting in your garden, you can use it as a way to draw attention to it, and perhaps entice the neighbors to look at it.

It’s also good to use it to illuminate a place that is secluded, where there are no neighbors, but it’s not always possible to light the entire yard.

There are also security issues. You want to avoid the garden being lit at night. This helps to keep people away from places where there is danger, or it would just seem unnatural to have a bright yard in the dark.

5. Privacy

This one is a bit of a tricky one because if you have lights that extend the entire length of your property, it’s a lot like putting the light on in the middle of the yard.

However, it’s not the best option if you want privacy. You’d want the lights to be set up so that they can illuminate only the area you want to have privacy.

This is because if you do not want to be lit, then it is necessary to cover them in the day with a privacy screen. However, if you want to have lights to help with security, then that can be a good idea as well.

For example, you could have a spot light that can shine directly on the front of your house at night, and a wall of privacy that goes all the way around. This will keep people from peeking into your yard, but you will still have the benefit of night security lights.

Lights That Work With Plants

It’s also possible to use landscape lighting to help plants grow and develop. This is great for the aesthetics of your yard, as well as the value of your home.

This can also be a good security option, because if you put lights where you plant flowers and vegetables, then it is possible that pests will avoid the area.

Also, you can use the lights to help create shadows and silhouettes that will help hide your home. This is great to help ensure that thieves do not know that your house is empty when they go to rob it.

If you use the right lighting, it is also possible to help attract birds to your property and help pollinate your plants. This is also a good way to help the environment because you are helping to provide food and a habitat for birds.

Other Uses For Landscape Lighting

This type of lighting is actually quite versatile, because you can use it to decorate your yard with lighting effects, you can help to get rid of bugs, you can even help to keep pets healthy and safe.

This is why it is important to make sure you choose the right lighting system and that it is done by professionals.

This is also why you should consider hiring the services of a landscape lighting contractor to help you make sure that you are installing the best lights. This will help ensure that you have the right type of lighting for the environment and help protect you and your home.

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