Cuban gold plant care

Cuban gold plant care

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  • Plectranthus amboinicus - Comfort Plant, Cuban Oregano
  • Duranta, Dew Berry, Golden Dew Drop, Pigeon Berry, Sky Flower 'Cuban Gold'
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Plectranthus amboinicus - Comfort Plant, Cuban Oregano

I've just planted 3 in a West Palm Beach garden. This is a gold-leafed cultivar of the Jamaican form, which is said to grow just 2' tall, unlike the species, which is a small tree. It is spreading-mounding in habit, and I'm using it as an evergreen groundcover. I read that the gold-leafed forms don't flower well. The ones I see here in the landscape are sheared continually and hardly bloom at all. In my Zone 7A garden in Petersburg, Virginia, I have been growing a Duranta erecta plant for about five years, bringing it indoors to winter over.

I do have a question which someone here may be able to help me with: I don't know if my plant is 'Cuban Gold' or 'Gold Mound. My 'Cuban Gold' if that's really its name was in a four inch pot when I bought it at the bedding plants display at a supermarket where it was described as an annual that would reach eighteen inches.

At the end of the first summer, I put it in a larger pot, and it grows up to five feet tall and four feet wide before I prune it back each year.

I don't know how big it would get before the first frost if I planted it in the ground. During most of the year, when there's no frost, it sits in its large pot in full sun beside my dark purple front door and really sets if off. I've rooted some from cuttings, and I recommend it as a plant that is worth bringing in for the winter. About 6 plants in back bed, full hot sun and looked lush and bright all summer.

But I didn't cover them the first freeze not hard. About 30 degrees not even overnight. Covered them the next night at 34 degrees. Some stems looked very peaked and I trimmed. More cold coming. How do I protect?

I grow this as standards and as shrubs. Mine are planted inground in bright shade. I've seen them grown in full butal TX sun. It died during a cooler than average winter.

It did come back from the roots and I decided to let it grow as a multi stem shrub. It seems to do much better during the cold, as if multiple branches shield each other better than a single trunk. None of my durantas in standard form have tolerated cold but shrubs do. Maybe one day I will experiment by covering the trunk to see if it survives. Trunks are 1. So perh They sure are beautiful as small trees.

See pics. Gardeners' Notes: 2. Post a comment about this plant. Popular Plants. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden. Verbenaceae ver-be-NAY-see-ee Info. Duranta door-AN-tuh Info. On Oct 19, , wendymadre from Petersburg, VA wrote: In my Zone 7A garden in Petersburg, Virginia, I have been growing a Duranta erecta plant for about five years, bringing it indoors to winter over.

Duranta, Dew Berry, Golden Dew Drop, Pigeon Berry, Sky Flower 'Cuban Gold'

Golden dewdrop needs 0. Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download Greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants. Water 0. Does your plant get direct sunlight? Place it less than 1ft from a south-facing window to maximize the potential for growth. To replenish this plant's nutrients, repot your Golden dewdrop after it doubles in size or once a year —whichever comes first. Golden dewdrop is generally easy to care for , though some plant parents report facing challenges with growing it.

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Cuban Gold Duranta -

Q: I have a inch by foot flower bed along the front brick wall of my house. What should I consider? Formosa azaleas? A: While the azaleas might live, you would need to provide adequate water during the summer heat. Roses would work, and there are many lower-maintenance types to consider. Nurseries that specialize in roses are filled with options.Best results will come if you provide an organically enriched soil.

Duranta erecta Cuban Gold (72 cells)

Depth 2. Volume max. Fertilizing: Constant liquid feed at low levels of - ppm N Moisture Level: Grow plants evenly moist. Watch for Pest and Disease: No serious insect or disease problems. Vernalization Requirements: Not required.

Papaya taste gene.

Cool Colocasias - Elephant Ears for the Garden

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Magnolias are prized worldwide for their flowers and forms. Growing as large shrubs or trees, they produce showy, fragrant flowers that are white, pink, red, purple or yellow. Some forms are evergreen with glossy and leathery leaves and some evergreen types have buds, stems and undersides of leaves that are covered with attractive gold to copper to brown felt-like hairs. There are more than species of Magnolia native to temperate, subtropical and tropical areas of southeastern Asia, eastern North America, Central America, the Caribbean and parts of South America. Many are now grown worldwide because of their beautiful flowers, shape and form. How do you know if a magnolia is right for you? Ask the following questions to help determine if you should consider a magnolia -- and if so, where best to plant it:.

It's also still in its container. I water once each morning. For fertilizer, admittedly I only fertilized 2 weeks ago with fertilizer made for flowers/flowering.

This meter will fill as you add plants to your cart. Add at least 6 plants to make the most of our minimum shipping charge. Colocasia Leucocasia gigantea 'Laosy Giant'. Colocasia culture is fairly simple.

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The genus Duranta contains around 30 species of tropical trees and shrubs, some regionally cultivated as ornamentals. The species most cultivated is Duranta erecta , commonly called golden dewdrop or Brazilian sky flower. The genus, Duranta , honors an Italian botanist and papal physician named Castore Durantes. It is rapid growing, having dense, somewhat evergreen foliage and lilac, or sometimes white colored flowers. Renewal pruning is needed occasionally to maintain a dense manageable form.

It is extensively cultivated as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical gardens throughout the world, and has become naturalized in many places.

The information presented on this page was originally released on June 25,It may not be outdated, but please search our site for more current information. If you plan to quote or reference this information in a publication, please check with the Extension specialist or author before proceeding. A native of the tropical regions of the Caribbean and Central and South America, the Duranta is sure to generate interest in your landscape. Duranta is commonly called pigeon berry, and it has an arching growth habit with bluish flowers. It produces golden fruit that can feed our feathered friends.

Edible landscapes combine ornamental flowers with vegetables, fruits and edible flowers. Floral ingredients such as peppery nasturtiums or tart Calendula add flavor, texture, and color, and transform an ordinary salad into an exciting dish. There is a wide variety of colors, forms, and sizes of edible flowers. Many are grown as annuals - plants that complete their life cycle in one growing season - and are easy to grow in garden beds, raised beds and various containers.

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