Indoor plant watering while away

Indoor plant watering while away

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The holidays and summer mean travel for many people. What about watering plants while away? Keeping the best houseplants for clean air indoors means caring for them. So I need help with watering plants while away. Most wall-mounted planters come with trays you can add water to and leave them for a while. I do want to offer a word of caution, though.

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How to Care for Indoor Plants While You’re on Vacation

Use these simple methods to keep your plants watered while away on long trips and vacation! Vacation watering methods can be easier than you think. I am going away on vacation for 4 long weeks and have both house plants that need to be watered, and outdoor plants that need to be watered to stay alive. Lucky for me, there are lots of methods to help water plants while on vacation. Indoor plants typically have a different set of needs to be kept alive and thriving than their outdoor counterparts.

But not to worry! Now, what we really want is for our plants to thrive while we are away, not just survive. So I recommend giving them a good feeding the month before, and trimming the foliage of your well established plants just a week before leaving so they use less water.

First things first, make sure you test these methods out a few weeks before leaving for your trip. Place gallon jugs or jars of water size dependent on how long you expect to be gone alongside your plant with a piece of twine or yarn in the water, and the other end around the soil of the plant.

Caution: make sure this is working before you leave. Sometimes the type of twine or material you work with will only wick part way… you may need to change the material type make sure it has natural fibers , or re-position the jar to be higher than the plant with a shorter wick.

I shared the full tutorial to turn your existing planter into a self watering pot here. Best for: Outdoor plants, but can be tweaked for indoor plants as well. Especially plants that like to be watered from below. You can use sub-irrigation methods to keep your plants watered from below. You can learn how to build raised sub-irrigation garden beds here , and use a similar methodology for in-ground gardens.

This is especially great if you are a low maintenance gardener but want a high maintenance yield. Some of my tropical natured plants love moisture and need a terrarium-like environment to thrive while I am gone. Simply placed the plant in a large clear garbage bag like this one that is doubled up, water the plant well and tie the bag up over the plant.

To ensure no water leaks you may want to place them on top of an aluminum cookie sheet or something to catch excess water. Best for: Indoor plants that love moisture and tropical conditions. They work pretty well if you are out of town for a week or two, and they can be cute and decorative as well as helpful! Wrap the end in a little cheese cloth before poking it into the soil to prevent this from occurring.

Water storing crystals are more of a supplementary measure and should be used in conjunction with another watering method for best results. Add moisture storing crystals with a secondary watering system when you are planning to be out of town for a month or more.

For example this Hydrospike adjustable dripper spike. A reader actually suggested this method to me, and I must say it is pure genius! Place potted plants with holes in the bottom in a long shallow container of water, or if you have a bathtub or sink that gets a ton of indirect light, that is even better. Caution: standing water can attract bugs and flies, spray on your tub of water a mold and bug deterrent if you will be gone for more than a week.

Shake and spray across the top of the tub filled with water before adding your plants. For your outdoor plants this is self explanatory. Several inches of mulch will help retain the moisture in your garden and is great with a secondary watering system.

This is a temporary measure just to help reduce the amount of water a plant needs while on vacation.When dealing with outdoor plants without a drip system, a soaker hose is another great option to keep your garden moist.

You can buy a timer just like with a drip system that turns the water on and off for you each day, or you can simply set the hose on a slow drizzle. Welcome to my blog!

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Clever plant watering systems for when you’re on holiday

While indoor plants are generally low maintenance, I still want to return home to happy and thriving houseplants when I go away. Short of giving someone a key to your house, there are other reliable methods out there of getting your indoor plants watered. It is a great indoor watering system that keeps your plants consistently watered for short or long times. Self-watering stakes are usually ceramic or terracotta cone-shaped stakes that sit in the pot of your plant.

While you are on vacation your houseplants will still need care, specifically water. If you dont have a friend to come in and take care of.

Trick To Keep Plants Watered While Away

Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission at no extra cost to you so we can continue to create helpful free content. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made on Amazon in addition to other retailers featured on the blog. Thank you, we appreciate your support! Hi fellow travelers! How do you keep your plants alive while vacationing? Luckily, TFG readers have you covered.

Snowbirds: Coddle Your Houseplants While You’re Away

Make a donation. Most houseplants will tolerate a few days' absence without suffering, but absences of more than a week call for some creative measures to provide valuable moisture in the right quantity. In the case of short absences during the summer, giving plants a thorough watering before going away may be sufficient. Moving them to a cooler room or away from a bright window will help prevent them drying out. For longer absences special measures can be taken to prevent the plant suffering or dying.

You've spent all spring nursing new and much-loved plants, finding the perfect place for them indoors, getting seed to germinate or taking cuttings. It's soul-destroying and often expensive, too.

5 Ways to Water Plants While You're Away on Vacation

Check on the plants of course! We often go on short vacations to a cottage a very Canadian pastime as a retreat from the city to enjoy fresh air and starry nights. Suffice to say, with as often as we go, I've mastered the art of going without a plant-sitter and can comfortably leave for up to 1 week during the peak of summer even longer in the winter when the plants are dormant. Here are some tips and tricks I use to water my houseplants while I'm away on a short vacation. You don't have to use every single one of these methods: adjust according to how much light and therefore water each individual plant needs a succulent for example, won't need any sort of humidity hack, but a fern could benefit from multiple.

How to Water Indoor Plants on Vacation?

You will of course, need a hose and you can use small PVC pipe for this. Inside, I've had it last up to a full week. Every year, I set it up when I plant the garden and magically my garden thrives. Take a container filled with water. Water is pumped into the central pipe. These include: a A main water line. One where fish and plants are mutually beneficial to each other.

We tried this for a three-week vacation last summer. Make sure to find a very large pot for water — ours was dry when we returned, and it looked.

Houseplants: holiday care

Happy Monday! Did anyone notice I was absent last week? My parents visited me and Anne this weekend, and we had a great picnic at the Japanese Gardens in Fairmount Park.

5 Ways to Automatically Water Your Plants When You’re Gone

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While pet owners worry about who is going to take care of their dog or cat during a vacation, gardeners have the same concern about their plants. Asking a neighbor to babysit the house and plants is always a simple solution, but they may not have the time or expertise to water your plants correctly. Luckily, a number of different watering strategies can be used to keep your plants hydrated while away on a fun-filled trip. If you only have a few indoor potted plants, use the self-watering planter alternative.

Before you head out of town, make sure you take steps to keep your home's flora alive and healthy.

Keeping plants alive when you're away and it's hot

I earn a commission if you make a purchase through my referral links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. One that your plants would be likely to survive without you using any additional tools. A self-watering pot uses a built-in reservoir that stores water and from which water is delivered on a need-only basis, which ensures that you neither overwater, nor underwater your plant. There are different versions of these pots with different water delivery mechanisms, some use a wicking action, others will have a pump-enabled drip system.

I recently returned from an 8 day trip while leaving my babies at home, unattended. Trim foliage of mature plants the day before leaving so they will require less water during your absence. Use a hydrogen peroxide mixture to kill any potential fungus gnat eggs lurking beneath the soil.

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