Lush garden patios with potted flowers

Lush garden patios with potted flowers

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A swimming pool can sparkle like a gem—if it has the right landscaping. Photo by: Tamara Alvarez. Before you look for plants, think about your landscaping goals. Do you want privacy around your pool, or will your blue oasis be the centerpiece of your backyard? Over time, you can add annuals and other plants as your budget expands. Also consider about the landscaping style you want.

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3 Gorgeous Ways to Group Containers Together for a Lush Patio Garden

What could be more welcoming in a doorway or vestibule, than a big pot of lavender in full bloom cheerfully welcoming all passersby with its heavenly fragrance and colorful blossoms? Lavender Lavandula is a very attractive perennial which enjoys a long flowering season and is fairly easy to grow. Pruning your Lavender will prevent your shrub from turning to wood. This is important because the parts of the plant that turn to wood will not produce new lavender stalks.

Pruning once a year is great. Pruning twice a year is better. Learn More. Dozens of Lavender varieties are available and finding the right Lavender plant for your favorite containers is not always an easy task.

To assist you in selecting the right plant, we have prepared this guide, which we hope will be helpful to you. While Lavender is usually regarded as a summer-blooming flower, some Lavender plants are early bloomers with their magnificent blooms appearing early in spring.

Others are late bloomers with blooms opening up in midsummer and lasting until late summer. Some bloom almost continuously from spring to summer's end.

There is a wide array of pretty drought tolerant plants that complement lavender in color, height and bloom season, and will help you create many effective combinations. Transforming a parched, dry spot into a lush, colorful and delightfully fragrant garden is possible! There are many types and varieties of Lavender and finding the best Lavender plant for your needs might be a daunting task.

Lavender Lavandula includes 39 different species, which are cultivated in temperate climates either as ornamental plants for the landscape or for the extraction of essential oils. Which one will you fall for? Depending on where you live, you can enjoy Lavender blooms almost all year in your garden.

Because not all Lavenders bloom at the same time and some bloom continuously, producing flowers all spring and summer. View Garden. While every effort has been made to describe these plants accurately, please keep in mind that height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates.

The description of these plants has been written based on numerous outside resources. Read More. Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. We use cookies on this website, you can read about them here.

To use the website as intended please Accept Cookies. Alphabetical Plant Listing. View or Create Collections. Select the Right Lavender Since not all lavenders are hardy, containers provide the opportunity to grow lavender that would otherwise not be suited to your garden. Any lavender variety will grow in a container and can be clipped in decorative balls and cones, but some are better suited than others. They produce flowers fast and maintain a manageable size in pots.

A in. Add small stones for swift drainage. Select a good sandy potting mix that easily drains water and fill the pot three quarters full. Add a tablespoon of lime. Add your Lavender plant and fill the pot with soil within a couple of inches of the top.

Firm the soil to remove air pockets. Your Lavender's crown should stick up about 1 in. Water thoroughly Add a 2 in. Lavender requires at least 6 hours of sunshine per day. Shade reduces growth and fragrance. Place your container in a sunny location that is sheltered from the wind. However, it grows bigger and is more floriferous with regular watering, specifically when planted in containers. Water when the soil is dry and then drench so that water flows freely out the bottom of pots.Feed weekly with a liquid fertilizer to encourage more prolific flowering and improved flower color.

Overwintering: If you live in a climate where the winters are harsh, store your potted lavender plants in a garage or indoors during the winter to protect them. The plants need very little water from November to February.

Wait until the pot is noticeably lighter or even until plants start to wilt and then water only on top of the compost. Do not fertilize in the period of dormancy. When pruning your Lavender, never cut into the woody part of your Lavender. Always make sure to leave the leafless wood intact, since cutting it could injure the plant. A good rule is to prune two leaf sets above the woody part. This will encourage stable growth and a healthier, thicker lavender plant.

Always use a very clean set of pruning shears or secateurs that have been washed clean of dirt and disinfected with a bleach solution.

Taking this precaution will help ensure that your Lavender plant doesn't pick up a bacterial disease. You should also make sure the shears are very sharp, so that they make a clean cut that will heal over quickly.

While pruning in spring can delay flowering, it is a good time to trim away dead or damaged parts. Prune your Lavender plants just as the new growth begins, cutting back as to leave some new shoots at the base of each branch.

In late summer or early fall, after the last flush has faded, prune your Lavender stems down to an inch above the wood. This will provide better air circulation. Click here to Learn more on Lavenders. Best Lavenders for Pots and Containers. Continuously Blooming Lavenders. How to choose the right Lavender? Lavender Main Types. Lavender Varieties and Blooming Seasons. Garden Examples.

A Lovely Contemporary Garden Idea. Want Garden Inspiration? Related Items Garden. A Charming Mediterranean Flagstone Pathway Who wouldn't want to stroll along this beautiful flagstone Plant Family. Lavandula angustifolia English Lavender Often associated with the famous purple fields of Provence, Pruning Lavender for Beautiful Plants While lavender is easy to grow, a few pruning rules have to There are many types and varieties of Lavender and finding Strongest Scented Lavenders Not all Lavenders are created equal!

Some varieties are Lavandula x intermedia Lavender Tough, Lavandin tends to grow larger, blooms later and Get garden design ideas Find your perfect garden. Find the plants that work for you Ideas for seasons and regions. Design your garden Use our interactive tools to design your dream garden.

Find your Hardiness Zone. Where are you based? Find your Climate Zone. Find your Heat Zone. My Region USA. Create New Collection. Please Login to Proceed.

Join Gardenia. Join now and start creating your dream garden! Create a New Collection Collection Name. Collection Description Optional. For your reference. Cancel Create Collection. Subscribe to Gardenia. Go to Garden Design Tools Done. Cancel Delete. Note this is the default cart. Only plants will be removed from the collection.

Top plants for patios

Looking for inspiration for your pocket-sized outdoor patch? With thoughtful planning and some clever ideas, you can transform your tiny plot into a beautiful garden that makes the most of what space you have. From window box gardens to urban courtyards, here's how to think big in the smallest of outside spaces and create your own private piece of paradise. This summer will be all about family gatherings and dinner parties with friends. So, why not create the ultimate alfresco space for hosting?

These lush Australian evergreens have sweetly scented flowers, these beautiful small trees will certainly pack a colourful punch in your garden.

Stylish Mexican Patio With Lush Grenery And Potted Plants

Keep an eye out for water features like streams, waterfalls, ponds , or large fountains. These add soft ambient noise that is wonderfully soothing to listen to while sitting on your deck or patio. Also watch for the various styles of pathways and how the materials and shapes interact with the planting beds of the garden. Will your pathway swerve around large planting beds? Or will your planting beds conform to a pathway? This beautiful garden consists of a large brick patio area partially covered by a wooden pergola , and entirely surrounded by lush flowering bushes and other flora. This garden is balanced between trees, a plush lawn, and a series of water-friendly flowers and bushes. A stream water feature winds throughout the spacious garden, emptying out into a pond.

Container Gardens for the Midwest

Maybe your summer goal is to be surrounded by plants all season long, but your outdoor space is limited to an apartment balcony or a small patio. Here we share our favorite tips for transforming a small space into a lush garden — with interesting and space-efficient layers.Efficient use of floor-space is key, and a back corner can become wasted real estate pretty easily. Fill that tight corner with a big plant impact by adding a tall — but narrow — tropical houseplant. A few of our favorites include sansevieria , bamboo palm , and Dracaena fragrans — also known as the corn plant.

Plant Care Today. Growing trees in pots bring height to a small area and tight space, especially on a balcony.

How to Make Your Garden Lush!

Even the smallest patio, balcony, doorstep, or bare corner of a room can provide enough space for a beautifully lush and productive container garden. Choose the biggest container you can for the space so plants have as much room as possible to grow. Your local garden shop is also likely to carry plants that are appropriate for the local climate. Generally, smaller varieties work best in a container garden. Using the well-known design rule for container gardens, incorporating a thriller, filler, and a spiller will result in an eye-catchingly lush and healthy container garden. Proper nutrition is essential to the success of any container garden.

20 Lush Patio Plants for Your Outdoor Seating Area

Each spring, I collect annuals from a variety of sources. I like to amass a whole bunch of plants with various textures, blooms, and foliage before figuring out what will go in each container arrangement. I grow some annuals from seed, depending on the year. And I often receive a few trial plants, too. My biggest grouping to work with is the one with container plants for full sun. I need to fill multiple pots filled for my driveway, the space by my front door, my deck, the space in front of my garden shed, etc. Some years I choose a clear colour theme.

Container plants need to stand up to summer heat and humidity. originating from its base, which make the plant appear lush and full.

Potted Trees | Small Patio Trees For Outdoor Flower, Fragrance and Patio

Using containers, you can fill a space with beautiful color and texture that rivals earthbound flower beds, especially in spots where you might not normally be able to plant. Container gardens soften hardscapes and add living beauty you can easily change up through the seasons as the plants grow and fade. Plus they allow you to mix plants that wouldn't normally mingle together in a single pot or garden bed. Maximize all the gorgeous potential by artfully arranging several containers together, especially in spaces where you don't have soil or get much rain, such as on your porch or patio.

Tropical plant

Also evergreen Rhododendron is only cut for optical reasons. The 3 smaller pots are nested inside the large one. By Brittney Morgan. What is the top-selling product within Extra Large Planters? The top-selling product within Extra Large Planters is the Vigoro

DecorPad photos lush garden. White pool loungers sit at an in ground swimming pool with a spa fitted in front of a lush garden and accented with blue mosaic tiles.

The type of plants and the containers chosen for these spaces can transform the setting to evoke a specific style or intended mood. Plant choices and design can define a space by setting boundaries for flow and creating nooks for gathering. Plants within an outdoor designed area serve to connect the wild, natural environment with a modern living space in a vibrant and fluid way. Lush Elements. Back Portfolio Gallery. Back Newsletters Lush Blog. Lush Patios Your outdoor spaces are treasured areas deserving the same care and attention given to your indoor spaces.

Nearly every gardener has experienced the problem of too much shade, which can cause plants to become too leggy or fail to thrive. Whether it's a wooded suburban lot or a north-facing apartment balcony, low light means more growing challenges. Rather than being problematic, these dark areas can be viewed as an opportunity. Adding containers to shady spots is a practical way to optimize these spaces.


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